12 Gifts for the Everyday Superhero in Your Family

It’s that time of year again. While many cringe at the sight of holiday decorations being sold at stores well before Halloween has even passed, I get excited that my favorite time of the year is just around the corner. And now that Halloween is officially over, it’s time to start getting ready for whatever holiday you happen to be celebrating.

My family celebrates Christmas during the holiday season and Christmas means, among other things, gifts under the Christmas tree.

Not surprisingly, when I was a kid, my favorite part of Christmas was waking up in the morning and sneaking into the family room to get an early peak at what gifts Santa had left for me. I loved to look around and see the gifts spilling out from under the tree and spreading out along the walls. The different-sized gifts poking up from where they were stacked looked like some sort of magical skyline. And the more gifts — the merrier.

To take it a step further, the more themed gifts I got, the better. Why would I want a pair of plain ol’ slippers if I could have Spiderman slippers?  Why would I want a regular green backpack if I could have an Incredible Hulk backpack? Why would I want regular blankets if I could have Spiderman blankets? After all, I was the kid who ran around the house with a blanket tucked into the neck of my shirt as I pretended to be a superhero, flying around saving people from whatever evil was lurking around the hallway door.

With the recent success of the The Avengers, there are lots of kids who have become obsessed with superheros. Needless to say, your superhero-obsessed kids are going to want superhero-themed gifts for the holidays just like I wanted when I was a kid.

Here are twelve gift ideas that your little crime-fighters would love to get for the holidays:

  • Spiderman Slippers 1 of 12
    I wasn't kidding when I wrote that I'd rather have Spiderman slippers than plain slippers. Plus, having Spiderman slippers would have motivated me to wear my slippers when I ran out to get the paper in the morning in 10 degree temperatures rather than running out in my bare feet as I had the habit of doing.
    Get them at the Disney Store, $14.50
  • Spiderman Bedding 2 of 12
    I never got to have themed bedding, but I always wanted it. Having a giant Spiderman comforter is like having a giant Spiderman poster as the center of the room. Plus, Spiderman's there on the comforter to protect against any monsters that may be lurking when the lights go out.
    Get this bedding collection at the Disney Store, $15 - $39.50
  • The Avengers Action Figures 3 of 12
    I loved playing with action figures when I was kid. I'd spend hours each day setting up little battles between them. Action figures were a fail-safe my parents could always fall back on if they didn't know what to get me for Christmas.
    Get them at the Disney Store, $15
  • Spiderman Boots 4 of 12
    Same reasoning applies to the boots that applied to the slippers. Why would I want regular old boots if I could have superhero-themed boots? Plus, since they're Spiderman shoes, it won't be hard for your kid to imagine himself climbing walls like Spiderman himself.
    Get the boots at the Disney Store, $24.50
  • Avengers Fleece Throw 5 of 12
    This Avengers fleece throw would have been the perfect blanket for me as I sat on the couch and watched my superhero cartoons on Saturday mornings.
    Get this throw at the Disney Store, $19.50
  • Spiderman Web Shooter 6 of 12
    Alright, I don't know exactly what this thing does, but it looks like it can spray water or a special liquid web substance from a canister. No matter what it does, it looks pretty cool, and I'm sure your superhero lover will agree.
    Get this at the Disney Store, $24.50
  • Iron Man Tri-power Repulsor 7 of 12
    This Iron Man contraption would have been the perfect gift for me as a kid. The thing attaches to the forearm (meaning cool) and fires out missiles (meaning where's my sister?).
    Get this at the Disney Store, $19.50
  • Spiderman Water Bottle 8 of 12
    Again with the slippers logic. Why have a plain water bottle when I could carry around a Spiderman water bottle. Plus, it's important that kids drink lots of water, especially if they're busy fighting villains all day like Spiderman himself.
    Get this water bottle at the Disney Store, $9.50
  • Avengers DVD 9 of 12
    This is a no-brainer. If your kid is into superheros, there's no better gift than a superhero movie like Marvel's Avengers. This movie is considered to be one of the best superhero movies of all time, which means it's a flick parents will actually want to watch with their kids.
    Get it at the Disney Store, $29.99
  • Incredible Hulk PJs 10 of 12
    I'm not kidding when I write that I would wear these PJs to bed today if I owned a pair. They're the perfect jammies for your kids to wear while they fight villains in their dreams at night.
    Get these at the Disney Store, $19.50
  • Spiderman Backpack 11 of 12
    When I was a kid, by the time the holidays rolled around I had either lost my backpack, broken the zipper, or worn a hole through the side after letting it get run over by a car. This is the perfect time to replace your kid's backpack with a superhero-themed one, like this Spiderman backpack.
    Get this backpack at the Disney Store, $19.50
  • Spiderman Head Pillow 12 of 12
    A pillow shaped like the head of Spiderman would have been a great gift as a kid. Not only could I play with the pillow as if it were Spiderman, I could throw the thing at my sisters as if it were some sort of soft dodge ball — a win-win.
    Get this pillow at the Disney Store, $15


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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