12 Gifts My Toddler Really Wants for Christmas

For some reason Vivi just doesn’t like many of her kids toys, or anyone’s kids toys for that matter. She prefers “toys” that she knows she’s not allowed to touch. Like the Xbox 360 or the TV remote. Oh boy, how she loves to turn the Xbox off in the middle of a game. She also loves to dig into Addie’s school bag after Addie comes home from school. (As a side note, I’m hoping there comes a day when Addie decides to put her school bag away after school rather than in the middle of the living room.) Vivi will also sneak over to the lawnmower in the garage in hopes of being able to get it started all on her own.

We used to be able to leave Addie in a little pen filled with her toys for about an hour before she got bored. We could put Vivi in that same pen with those same toys and she’d last a total of 2.5 seconds before she realized she was locked away from all the toys she really wanted to play with, which would result in her screaming at the top of her very powerful lungs.

As we’ve gotten closer to Christmas, I started wondering what in the heck I could  get my very picky toddler for Christmas. She didn’t have any interest in anything I got her last Christmas, which means that pretty much all the toys in the toys sections of stores are not options. I decided to think about what Vivi would put in a letter to Santa if she knew who Santa was and if she knew how to write.

Anyway, this is the list Vivi would send to Santa of the things she really wants for Christmas:

  • Her Own Scissors 1 of 12
    Her Own Scissors
    Vivi loves the idea of having her own pair of scissors. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't know what to do with them if she got a set of her own for Christmas, but I know she'd love to run around with them.
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Her Own Sesame Street 2 of 12
    Her Own Sesame Street
    Vivi loves Sesame Street, and I am positive she would love to have her own Sesame Street with its own Elmo and Grover right here in her house.
  • Her Own Stereo 3 of 12
    Her Own Stereo
    That's my stereo. It was a present from my parents for graduating from high school. My wife hates that stereo. But as much as my wife hates that stereo, Vivi loves it just as much and I know she'd love to have her own for Christmas.
  • Bathtub 4 of 12
    Vivi would love to get her own bathtub for Christmas. A bathtub that would be filled with warm water at all times that she can climb in at all times of the day.
  • Rockstar 5 of 12
    Vivi loves Rockstar cans. Despite Casey's disapproval, I go through quite a few Rockstars each month and Vivi loves to play with my empty Rockstar cans. She loves it so much I'm pretty sure she would be super excited if she opened up a box full of them on Christmas morning.
  • Her Own Wink 6 of 12
    Her Own Wink
    Vivi likes Percy, but she loves Wink. I think she prefers Wink because he's not an easy win. Percy loves everyone, whereas Wink is very selective and he has selected not to be touched much by Vivi. I'm pretty sure Vivi would like to have her own Wink for Christmas.
  • Food for Babies 7 of 12
    Food for Babies
    Vivi loves her food for babies (nightly bottle of milk). A year's supply of free food for babies would make her a very happy person on Christmas morning.
  • Her Own Remote 8 of 12
    Her Own Remote
    This is a picture of Vivi stealing my remote. I place the remotes on the back of the couch so they're out of her reach. She loves to sneak around to the back of the couch and steal them when I'm not looking.
  • Xbox 9 of 12
    This is a picture of Vivi pretending to play Xbox kinect. She would love to get her own Xbox for Christmas that she could turn on and off whenever she wants.
  • Her Own Cellphone 10 of 12
    Her Own Cellphone
    Vivi loves to distract Casey and I so she can sneak in and steal our cellphones. She also loves to stop at the cellphone kiosk at the Best Buy, and if she could write to Santa a cellphone would be on her list.
  • The Black Keys 11 of 12
    The Black Keys
    This kid absolutely loves The Black Keys. She gets really excited when The Black Keys comes on the radio in the house. Here's the thing, I'm pretty sure the kid would like the real band to show up for Christmas just like Addie would like Taylor Swift to hide behind the curtains in our living room for her birthday. Boy do Vivi's and Addie's tastes in music vary.
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • A Dog 12 of 12
    A Dog
    This one's for you CASEY. Vivi wants a dog that says woof, woof, woof. I know she wants a dog for Christmas because she's constantly telling me what a dog says. Oh, that one in this picture looks like a pretty good dog.

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