12 Things I Learned While on a Diet

A few months ago I decided to go on a very restrictive diet. I’ve been training to run in this year’s Indy Mini Marathon, which is a half-marathon held every year as part of the Indy 500 Festival. I have a specific goal that I want to meet in this year’s Indy Mini and the only realistic way to hit that goal is to train and drop 30 pounds. Unfortunately for me, I got a stress fracture in my right foot and had to stop training for two months.

Going on the restrictive diet was my way of accomplishing the weight loss goal that I’d set even though I couldn’t train with physical exercise. Here I am two months later and I’m down 30 pounds and back out on the road running. I learned a few things about myself while I was on the diet that have helped me since going off the diet and will continue to help me in the future.

Here they are:

  • Bored Eating 1 of 12
    Bored Eating
    I eat when I am bored. I found myself sitting while watching TV and instead of paying attention to what was on the TV, I was constantly thinking about the food that was in the kitchen. (Me doing my best body guard impersonation in preparation of taking Addie to a Taylor Swift concert.)
  • Buying Habits 2 of 12
    Buying Habits
    When Casey is out of town I have a strong urge to go to the local grocery store to buy snacks and food. It's a habit more than an actual need for food or to go to the grocery store.
  • Tasty Desert 3 of 12
    Tasty Desert
    A jumbo orange is one heck of a tasty desert at the end of the day.
  • Pour and Stir 4 of 12
    Pour and Stir
    I'm a huge fan of sauces and dressings, so salads usually backfire on my diet plans. However, I've learned the art of pour and stir over pour and bite and pour and bite.
  • Junk Food Cravings 5 of 12
    Junk Food Cravings
    Getting through the first week of cravings is the key. Once I was through my first week, things like pizza and M&Ms didn't sound good to me anymore. (This lady of mine makes the most amazing cake from scratch.)
  • The Tighter the Diet Restrictions the Harder it is to Maintain them 6 of 12
    The Tighter the Diet Restrictions the Harder it is to Maintain them
    Getting past the four week mark without any food like pizza and M&Ms was pretty tough. Although my cravings for those items drastically decreased after my first week away from them, I found it very hard to stay away from them after week four. (This lady of mine also makes the most amazing candy nuts.)
  • Post Diet Guilt 7 of 12
    Post Diet Guilt
    Coming off a diet makes me feel guilty and as if everything I eat is an additional pound I'm adding to my body.
  • Some Junk Food is Okay 8 of 12
    Some Junk Food is Okay
    It is easier to maintain my weight and continue to lose weight if I can give myself a small treat every once in a while. Knowing that I am not completely cut off from junk food seems to be a huge help in staying away from junk food. (This is a picture of all the ribbons my wife won at the Utah State Fair for cookie baking--see what I have to live with?)
  • Chocolate Made with 88% Cacao 9 of 12
    Chocolate Made with 88% Cacao
    Eating a few chunks of chocolate that is made with 88% cacao is pretty gross if you're used to M&Ms. Eating a few chunks of chocolate that is made with 88% cacao is a pretty good treat if you've been avoiding junk food.
  • Feeling Healthy 10 of 12
    Feeling Healthy
    Eating more healthy foods for an extended period of time gave my mind a high that seemed pretty similar to the high I get after I complete a run.
  • Adding Flavor 11 of 12
    Adding Flavor
    Mixing a little pepper jack cheese in my salads makes my salads gives my salads enough flavor that I actually crave them throughout the day. (A picture from four years ago of me 60 pounds heavier than I am now.)
  • Flavor 12 of 12
    While on my diet eating a certain quantity of food became less important than eating food with good flavor. I began to crave good spices and seasonings on my food rather than more of the food.

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