12 Tips to Improve Weight Loss

I’ve been gaining and losing weight over and over again over the last 15 years. This growing older has resulted in a metabolic rate is equal to that of a deep nap. Long gone are the days when I could come home from school and eat 6 bowls of corn flakes and not gain a single pound. It seems now if I eat one extra bowl of cereal in a week I have to run out and buy pants in a larger size. Over the years as I’ve dropped weight, I’ve discovered a few tricks that have helped me without all the stress that comes with sticking to a stricter than strict diet.

Not everything I’ve done will work for everyone, and none of the tips are major revelations or giant life changing events. But what I’ve found is that if I follow these few little adjustments I’ve discovered over the years, the weight comes off faster and I have a tendency to stick to the regiment for a longer period of time.

Here are 12 tips to improve weight loss:

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  • No Food After Dinner 2 of 13

    I've found that 99% of the time when I eat food after dinner it's because I'm bored and need to be chewing on something. There is nothing magical about not eating after dinner. It really just means I'm not consuming 100s of extra calories that the body does not need.

  • A Snack of Carbs 3 of 13

    I've found that allowing myself a small snack that is mostly made up of carbohydrates an hour or two after breakfast and lunch I'm able to cope longer while on a healthy diet. This also allows me a small reward each day and it helps prevent those awful lack of carbohydrate headaches that have a tendency to come around.

  • Goals 4 of 13

    Some people need a goal like a 5k, half-marathon, or marathon scheduled off in the near future to get the motivation to make strides towards that goal which will result in weight loss. A friend and I have used half-marathons and marathons as goals to keep us working towards our weight goals.

  • Eat Healthy First 5 of 13

    I've made a rule that when I crave unhealthy food when home for lunch I have to have my healthy food first. Very rarely do I still have the desire to eat the unhealthy food once I've finished the healthy stuff I had planned for the day. 

  • No Free Day 6 of 13

    I get the concept behind having a free day each week, but I think it's a terrible idea. If I have a free day it usually means I've blown all the progress I made earlier in the week. Instead, I give myself a free snack. That way I can satisfy my cravings and diminish the damage from the extra calories.

  • Brush Your Teeth 7 of 13

    Whenever I'm struggling with the no food after dinner rule, I try to brush my teeth really early in the night so that I'm less likely to break the rule.

  • Do Extra Cardio 8 of 13

    When I'm doing the weight training portion of my exercise, the the muscles I'm working that day need a break between sets. Instead of standing around and wasting time, I do cardio between sets by sprinting around the gym twice before beginning my next set. That way the muscles being worked while lifting are getting rested and I burn a few extra calories in the process. 

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  • No Soda 9 of 13

    I don't have soda unless it's a special occasion, and a special occasion is not simply eating out. And by no soda, I mean no carbonated beverages at all.

  • Don’t Eat Until Full 10 of 13

    When I'm trying to drop weight, I don't let myself eat until I'm full. If I do eat until I'm full each day that threshold of how much food it takes to get full seems to increase each day and that makes weight loss impossible.

  • Circuit Training 11 of 13

    Whenever I do weight training I schedule my lifts into circuits of three. That way I can jump from one lift to the next until the circuit is done and then I head to the gym to do my extra cardio. It allows me to burn more calories more quickly and get a better overall workout in for the day.

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  • Have Gum on Hand 12 of 13

    I like to have strong flavored mint gum on hand so that when I start feeling that urge to find a snack to eat I can throw something in my mouth that isn't going to load me up with unneeded calories. Gum gives my brain the sensation of getting to eat something, plus the strong mint flavor changes the taste in my mouth to where I don't really want to eat anything else when I'm done chewing the gum. 

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  • It Takes Time 13 of 13

    I constantly remind myself that it takes two weeks for results to show after beginning a diet and workout regimen and that helps me stay motivated even if it doesn't look like I'm making progress. At the same time I keep in mind that it only takes one week for bad eating habits and laziness to show negative results.   

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