Warning: Viewing This May Induce Pregnancy [Gallery]

Warning: This Post May Get You Pregnant [Gallery of 15 Cutest Babies]Have you ever been in line at the grocery store, and seen a mom or dad holding a little baby, and found yourself desperately wanting to hold that baby, too? I’m a guy, and I have totally had this experience; it’s not just limited to women. The urge to cuddle that sweet little thing and smell its soft baby scented skin can be nearly overwhelming. What’s up with that?

Then it hit me; there is probably no stronger aphrodisiac for the parent whose children have reached preschool age than seeing a cute little baby. It’s some sort of biological trick. This urge to hold a tiny baby again and the accompanying amnesia about the sleep deprivation and toxic diapers associated with a newborn baby create a dangerous biochemical mix.

So, venture forward in this post at your own risk. Neither I nor the management of take responsibility for the baby-powder scented urges the following photos may induce, or the resulting population explosion that will surely follow in 9 months. Am I the only one who has this temporary insanity hit you at the sight of a cute baby?

Here are 15 totally adorable baby photos I recommend you don’t view. You were warned!

  • Chubby Little Baby Feet 1 of 15
    Chubby Little Baby Feet
    There is something about baby feet. Don't you just want to touch them? So soft and squishy and totally adorable. And they even smell good. Enjoy that while it lasts!
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  • Tiny Clinging Baby Fingers 2 of 15
    Tiny Clinging Baby Fingers
    Do you remember the first time your baby wrapped it's tiny little fingers around yours? Don't know about you, but it melted my heart. Our 3 year old holds my hand all the time, which I love, but somehow that first baby cling is extra special?
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  • Bathing Beauty 3 of 15
    Bathing Beauty
    A baby in their first swimsuit is so totally adorable, especially baby girls. Love this photo; barely able to sit up on her own, slathered in sunscreen, dressed in pink adorableness, and working on her first sand castle.
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  • Baby Bath Mohawk 4 of 15
    Baby Bath Mohawk
    What parent hasn't, while bathing there little one, made a mohawk with their hair. Even before our little girl was born I thought about doing it after seeing a photo like this one. Of course now the no tears shampoo has been replaced by hair detangler.
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  • Those First Baby Shoes 5 of 15
    Those First Baby Shoes
    Even though they can't walk yet, we buy cute shoes for their tiny feet. We got some just like these for our little girl. When we had a garage sale I could not bear to part with the sweet little things. I'm tempted to hang them from my car mirror?
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  • Sleeping Babies 6 of 15
    Sleeping Babies
    Don't you just love to watch a baby sleep? Honestly I could have watched my little girl for hours. Well, except she never actually slept for hours. I'll address that issue in the next photo.
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  • Crying Newborns 7 of 15
    Crying Newborns
    Do you remember before having a baby, how some people would get upset if there was a crying baby nearby? Have you gotten slightly more understanding? Look at this little face. Tell me you don't want to pick it up and rock away its tears.
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  • Bathing a Baby 8 of 15
    Bathing a Baby
    I remember the first time I gave our baby a bath. I was so afraid the water would be too hot, or too cold, or that she'd slip in my hands. Now I'd give anything to go back, without all those concerns, and just enjoy that time all over.
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  • Baby Diaper Butt 9 of 15
    Baby Diaper Butt
    Time puts a soft sepia toned filter on most of our memories; not the least of which is changing our babies' diapers, right? I'd never have believed it back then, but I kinda miss those times on the changing table... the shockingly toxic diaper contents notwithstanding.
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  • Babies in Sunglasses 10 of 15
    Babies in Sunglasses
    Did you have sunglasses when you are a baby? Along with SPF 4 sunscreen (did they have higher back then?) I doubt parents were concerned so much with our little eyes. Too bad, because the glasses they make for babies are darned cute.
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  • Baby as Table Centerpiece 11 of 15
    Baby as Table Centerpiece
    Didn't you love dressing your baby up? My wife (with the willing aid of grandparents) had garments for every season and holiday. Perhaps overkill, this poor baby looks dressed as a centerpiece ready for the middle of the Thanksgiving dinner table?
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  • Baby’s first Flower Photos 12 of 15
    Baby's first Flower Photos
    Early in every baby's life (time of year permitting) we take them out someplace in nature and plop them down in the middle of some flowers. In our case here in Texas, it was our state flower, the bluebell. Did you do this?
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  • Holiday Baby Photos 13 of 15
    Holiday Baby Photos
    Who was more excited on baby's first Christmas... you or the baby? Even before our daughter was born I was imagining family Christmases. And of course they would not be complete with out the obligatory, and darned cute, Christmas baby photo!
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  • First Time You Saw your Baby 14 of 15
    First Time You Saw your Baby
    Sure it looked a bit like something Sigourney Weaver should be battling in one of those alien movies. I don't actually mean that. I've never seen anything more beautiful than our little girl, or heard anything more wonderful than her first cries.
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  • Cute Baby in a Hoodie 15 of 15
    Cute Baby in a Hoodie
    One last thing: I've no idea if Trayvon Martin's hoodie played in role in what George Zimmerman did that night, but let's all remember this: every kid out there, with or without a hoodie, was once some mommy's sweet little baby. 'Nuff said.
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