15 Things I Do to Try to Hold Onto My Youth

As a kid all I wanted to do was to get older. I distinctly remember sitting in second grade wondering what it would feel like to be in 5th grade. Those 5th graders were practically adults in my mind. As each year passed I anxiously awaited the next stepping stone of growing up, whether it was learning how to drive or graduating from high school. Then once I had done those things and I was off to college and married, I wondered what it would be like to be through college and enjoying a career. I wanted to know what it would be like to be a full adult doing nothing but adult things.

Now I’m an adult with a career and I’m constantly wondering what happened to my youth. I’ve become an old guy in kids’ eyes and I don’t want to be the old guy. I still want to be able to enjoy some of those things I did in my younger years and I’ve tried to hold onto a lot of the things I did as a kid and as a teenager and those things help me hold onto my youth.

Here are 15 things I do to help me hold onto my long lost carefree days:

  • Play on the Playground 1 of 15

    Sometimes I play on the playground with my kids.  Here, Casey had bragged about Addie being able to hang upside down from some rings in a playground.  When I told her I could too she didn't believe me.

  • I Play Games 2 of 15

    I try to play physical games like bowling, basketball, and flag football. 

  • I’m Still Scared 3 of 15

    I still run from spiders and I'm not afraid to admit that scary movies are way too much for me to handle. 

  • I Play Ball 4 of 15

    I can usually be found at night either laying on my back throwing a ball towards the ceiling or standing in the dining room as I practice pitching at a target in the living room--both are things I did as a child and have carried over into adulthood.

  • Role Play 5 of 15

    I'll get down on the floor and pretend to be Addie's and Vivi's horse or whatever animal or character they need me to be.

  • A Human Jungle Gym 6 of 15

    I'm usually Vivi's and Addie's human jungle gym.

  • Being Silly 7 of 15

    I'm not afraid to do silly things that make my kids laugh, like putting on my toddler's pajamas at night.

  • Coloring 8 of 15

    Whenever we go to a restaurant as a family, Vivi and I usually practice drawing pictures of Addie and Casey with the kids' crayons.

  • Pool Games 9 of 15

    I'll play games with Addie in the pool.  Anything from Marco/Polo to finding out who can win in a splash contest.

  • Tease the Animals 10 of 15

    I love to tease this one eyed cat in all sorts of different ways and he's been known to bat at my ankle a few times while hiding around a corner.

  • Ocean Fun 11 of 15

    I don't ever want to be the guy who shows up at the ocean and sits on the beach all day and then goes home.  The waves are there to be played in and that will be my stance until I die.

  • Play in the Snow 12 of 15

    I'll never be too old to play in the snow, and if I ever get a sloped driveway and heavy snowstorm again, I'll grab my skis and do this all over again.

  • Ice Skating 13 of 15

    I used to ice skate almost daily during the winter when I was a kid at a local pond.  Now we take Addie to a local ice skating rink and I skate with her on the ice.

  • Sword Fighting 14 of 15

    Whenever we come across a pair of swords, I'll always grab one and hand one to Addie and we'll have a sword fight right there wherever we are.  Our family also has regular Nerf gun fights in our house.

  • Disney World 15 of 15

    I walk with princesses at Disney World.

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