18 Brilliant Halloween Costumes for Kids and Their Wheelchairs

Halloween is a pretty special time of the year for a lot of people, especially kids.

It’s a time when imaginations can run completely wild and there is no limit to the amount of dreaming that can be done.

Recently, as I was bopping around the internet looking for costume ideas for my two kids, I ran across a bunch of images of little kids who had decorated their wheelchairs for Halloween. I stared at the screen, mesmerized. What I saw just blew my mind; there were so many incredibly cool ideas, so many kids sitting there beaming with pride at their souped-up ride.

In a Halloween daze, I went looking for more, Googling my way down all sorts of tunnels and rabbit holes, trying to find more and more photos of some pretty amazing kids and their damn fine get-ups.

It’s pretty great, looking at these photos of happy youth. They remind me that Halloween is really only about one thing, and that’s seeing kids smile.

Think about it.  What else is there come October 31st? If young people aren’t grinning from ear to ear by sundown, something’s up, don’t you think? Anyhow, I’ve collected a bunch of these photos together for you to see.

Individually, I bet each one will make you smile a bit yourself.

Collectively, I think they’re going to make your heart flutter a time or three.

  • The DJ! 1 of 18

    Incredible. You can tell a lot of work went into this one. I hope he ended up with like 30lbs of candy.

    Image: jhyundol.tistory.com

  • The Queen Bee! 2 of 18

    How awesome is she?! This little honey bee in her hive is a great costume and I think this sweetheart knows it.

    Image: thechive.com

  • Shark Cage! 3 of 18

    This shark diver ensemble is fabulous! Clever, a little scary, AND about as original as they come.

    Image: blog.amsvans.com

  • The Viking Ship! 4 of 18

    Wow. This little guy looks ready to do some serious candy marauding around the neighborhood in his Super Ultra Viking Ship.

    Image: neurochangers.com

  • The Fire Truck! 5 of 18

    If I was driving down the street and this fellow appeared in my rear view mirror, I'd definitely pull over. Just awesome.

    Image: blog.amsvans.com

  • The Ice Cream Truck! 6 of 18

    Okay, just look at that little guy's smile. Now, I'm being dead serious when I ask you, "Is this the best Halloween costume of all time?" Because I'm like 95% certain that it is.

    Image: jhyundol.tistory.com

  • Cinderella & Her Carriage! 7 of 18

    Oh. Oh be still my beating heart!

    Image: www.disfracesycarnaval.es

  • Free Kittens! 8 of 18

    Oh my gosh. Look closely at these two pics. They tell a little story, I think. And the story is about love.

    Image: www.thechobble.com

  • Buzz Lightyear! 9 of 18

    I've got to be honest here, this young fellow's Buzz Lightyear costume and his souped-up walker/spaceship are so perfect. But it's his smile in this picture that makes me want to drop an extra 2 or 3 Hershey Bars in his bag come Halloween. I hope he won First Prize somewhere out there.

    Image: artcar.blogspot.com

  • WALL-E! 10 of 18

    This is so magnificently detailed and constructed that I just want to buy a beer for the person/persons who helped this young fellow create it.

    Image: jhyundol.tistory.com

  • The Batmobile! 11 of 18

    I know Batman when I see him and guess what? Yep...that's definitely him.

    Image: flyingpandanews.com

  • The Pirate Princess! 12 of 18

    Look at her big grin. What a tremendous costume. Well done, matey!

    Image: blog.amsvans.com

  • Fire Truck, Part 2! 13 of 18

    I love this one so much. This firetruck knows exactly where to go Trick-or-Treating for the best candy.

    Image: www.thechobble.com

  • Bulldozer! 14 of 18

    Every boy dreams of having his very own bulldozer!

    Image: flyingpandanews.com

  • The Kayak Kid! 15 of 18

    Hey, with a super original get-up like this one, this guy will be up to his life-jacket in candy come Halloween Night.

    Image: artcar.blogspot.com

  • The Flintstones! 16 of 18

    Yabba-Dabba-Doooo, how cool are these two?!

    Image: flyingpandanews.com


  • The Space Shuttle! 17 of 18

    A young astronaut and his trusty shuttle. Gotta love it.

    Image: blog.amsvans.com

  • Snoopy! 18 of 18

    Anyone who shows up at my front door dressed up like Snoppy AND his dog house on Halloween is definitely allowed to take as many mini-Snickers as they can handle. Thanks for looking!

    Image: www.thechobble.com


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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