22 Awesome Family Themed Halloween Costumes

My parents created some pretty great Halloween costumes back in the day — sewing gauze bandages onto long johns to make me into a mummy, or stuffing me full of hay when I went trick or treating as a scarecrow. My mom usually handled the clothes while my dad was the makeup man, until at some point in middle school I took over the operation. I made a mean Joker, and one year in high school I went as a character from Monty Python’s “Find the Fish” sketch.

That’s right, I was one of those teens who went trick-or-treating in high school. I love making things, dressing up, and theater, and so Halloween has always ranked as one of my favorite holidays. Sure, I dig chocolate as much as the next guy, but the spectacle and the celebration of creativity have always appealed to me more than the candy.

Since Felix came on the scene four years ago, my wife and I have gotten into themed costumes. Themes give us the opportunity to make things together, and then, when we accompany Felix on his trick-or-treating rounds, we feel a sense of family pride. Plus, it’s a lot of fun.

Well, all but one year — at two, Felix said he wanted to be “blue,” which really meant he wanted to wear a red cape, if you can figure that one out. Toddlers! He didn’t quite get the concept of Halloween. So my wife and I went as Elvis Costello and Patti Smith circa 1977 (from the covers of This Year’s Model and Horses, respectively), and Felix was none the wiser.

At four, Felix is pretty excited for Halloween. We’re going as characters from Hayao Miyazaki’s Kiki’s Delivery Service. My wife will be Kiki, the witch, Felix her black cat companion, and I’m going to go as the broomstick. We don’t have pictures of that yet, but I do have pictures of our costumes from previous years, and I’ve scoured the Internet to find some of the best family themed costumes out there. Here’s hoping they provide some inspiration!

  • It’s Halloween! 1 of 23

    Don't just go it alone, get the whole family involved! Click on to see awesome family themed costumes...

    Photo courtesy the author

  • Cowboy and Calf 2 of 23

    This was appropriate, because when Felix was little, I often felt like I had to wrangle him up when he got into trouble. Get along lil' doggy!


    Photo courtesy the author

  • Peter Pan 3 of 23

    Wendy, Captain Hook, and Aunt Tinkerbell accompanied this pint sized Peter Pan on his trick-or-treating flight, er, trip.


    Photo courtesy friends of the author

  • Wonders of the Ancient World 4 of 23

    This one's not just creative, but you'll learn something! That's (from left to right) The Colossus of Rhodes (back), The Pyramids of Giza (front), The Lighthouse at Alexandria, The Statue of Zeus at Olympus, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and The Temple of Artemis. The Lighthouse and the Colossus's torch actually light up! No surprise, this one won some prizes.


    Photo courtesy Blaine and Felicia's Family Blog

  • Batman and Robin & Beekeeper with Bee 5 of 23
    Superhero_Bee Halloween

    If you can't come up with a theme for the whole family, paired costumes can work too. Here's The Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin, accompanying a little bee and beekeeper.


    Photo courtesy friends of the author

  • The Wizard of Oz 6 of 23

    Dorothy, Toto, the Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow all they're missing is the Yellow Brick Road!


    Photo courtesy Dirty Diaper Chic

  • The Life Aquatic 7 of 23
    life aquatic

    This Nemo and scuba diver were accompanied by a whole school of fish— so many it was impossible to find a picture that showed them all! But as you can tell from these kid's costumes, they were pretty spectacular.


    Photo courtesy friends of the author

  • Pirates 8 of 23

    Arrrrgh! Avast, ye mateys! That's me doing my best Keith Richards, while Felix was our little parrot. Those wings are still in his dress up box, just attached to a new jacket.


    Photo courtesy the author

  • Superman 9 of 23

    Superman does battle with Lex Luther, protecting his number one lady, Lois Lane! Pretty dramatic stuff. Let's hope they stopped fighting and got some candy!


    Photo courtesy friends of the author

  • Condiments and Sandwiches 10 of 23

    Mmmm... looking at this makes me hungry! Mom and Dad are the condiments, while the kids are the hot dog and hamburger.


    Photo courtesy My Friend Betty Says

  • Clue Characters 11 of 23
    Clue Character Costumes

    Another award winning creation from the family that brought you the Wonders of the Ancient World from left to right you have Mrs. White, Ms. Scarlet, Mr. Green, Lady Peacock, Colonel Mustard, and Professor Plum. The family had a slew of props to go along with their characters, including fake money that Mr. Green handed out as bribes.


    Photo courtesy Blaine and Felicia's Family Blog

  • Alice and Wonderland & Puff the Magic Dragon 12 of 23
    Cheshire_Puff Halloween

    Another excellent pair of costumes that's Puff the Magic Dragon with little (or in this case, really big) Jackie Paper, and the Cheshire Cat with the Queen of Hearts. I love all the little details on these costumes, like the hearts on the Queen's boots and Jackie's rolled up jeans.


    Photo courtesy friends of the author

  • Chefs with Baby Lobster 13 of 23

    A classic for people with little babies! Just plop that little lobster in a pot and you're all set to go.


    Photo via Molechaser on Flickr

  • Thomas the Tank Engine meets Yoshimi 14 of 23

    While traveling the tracks of Sodor in search of candy, Thomas the Tank Engine and his caboose ran into Yoshimi, taking a break from battling the pink robots to check out her Halloween stash. This little girl has some great tastes in music, as her costume references The Flaming Lips now classic 2002 album Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. And speaking of music, that robot costume played tunes from its chest!


    Photo courtesy the author

  • Circus Performers 15 of 23
    Circus Halloween

    Here you have a Tiger and his Trainer, an Elephant, and a Tightrope Walker, taking the night off from the Big Top to enjoy some trick-or-treating fun.


    Photo courtesy friends of the author

  • The Simpsons 16 of 23

    America's favorite family comes to life in all its glorious yellow! Guess they decided to leave Baby Maggie at home. Glad to see Homer remembered his Duff Beer though.

    Photo via WTF Costumes

  • Where The Wild Things Are 17 of 23
    where the wild things are

    They're called Wild Things, but these are looking pretty cute to me...

    Photo via Nicole Hill's blog A Little Sussy

  • Up 18 of 23

    Speaking of cute, here's another sweet one Carl and Russell from Pixar's wonderful movie Up.

    Photo via Mitch and Mickey of More Than Words Can Describe

  • Jedi Family 19 of 23

    And while we're on the movies, here's a classic costume, superbly executed. A Jedi knight and his Padawan trainees, sparring with light sabers.

    Photo via loresjoberg on Flickr

  • More Circus Performers 20 of 23
    circus freaks

    I had to include another group of circus performers, because look at that Strong Man's muscles. That dude works out! Also, the Lion Tamer is carrying a whip! What a hoot.


    Photo via Watts Up Seattle

  • The Four Seasons 21 of 23
    four seasons
    Another great costume from Blaine and Felicia! These guys take their dressing up very seriously I love it!

    Photo courtesy Blaine and Felicia's Family Blog

  • KISS 22 of 23

    Are you ready to ROCKKKKKK! I love that father and son are both sticking their tongues out. And look at that makeup! It's perfect. 

    Photo courtesy Janet Jewelry

  • MegaMind and Minion 23 of 23

    I love this -- homemade costumes for a mini MegaMind and his mammoth Minion. What a pair!

    Photo courtesy Janet Jewelry

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