20 Insanely Cool Beds for Kids

When I was a little boy I remember getting pretty excited when my mom announced that she would be getting my brother and me a set of bunk beds to share. Looking back on it now, it was an obvious space saver move (we were living in pretty tight quarters), but at the time my brother and I thought we were the luckiest two kids on the planet.

Bunk beds!

It was a brand new world of opportunity, the possibilities endless. We could leap off of them like train robbers and scale up the sides like mountain climbers. Up on the top bunk, we’d be pirates on a besieged ship; down on the bottom one, we’d be submarine guys down deep within the savage sea.

We didn’t disappoint either. Over the better part of the next decade, we played on that bunk bed until it began to shimmy and sway. It was probably the best piece of furniture I have ever known. And it was definitely the funnest.

Nowadays, wild-eyed imaginative kids aren’t as interested in cheap and simple bunk beds anymore and I can’t say I blame them. After all, there are so many unbelievably cool beds out there for kids (pirate ships, dinosaurs, starfighters, etc.) that it blows my mind to think of what my kids could end up sleeping in one one of these nights.

If I win the lottery.

But even if most of the coolest, craziest beds might be a financial stretch for a lot of us it’s still worth taking a look at them just to see how far we’ve come since “back in the day,” when me and you and our brothers and sisters thought that our crappy bunk beds were as awesome as it would ever get.

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Big Dawg 2 of 21
This bed isn't as insane as some of the ones you are about to see, but it darn sure is pretty cute. I think my kids would freak out over this in a good way, so I think it's a cool bed to kick things off with.
Bird Nest 3 of 21
Well now then. You wanted insane? You wanted cool? Then I submit to you the Bird Nest Bed. This one passes my Man Cave Test...which basically means that I wish I had this in my Man Cave/garage.
Fire Engine 4 of 21
What the heck?! A homemade fire engine truck with bells and whistles and lights and knobs to pull and stuff to spin?! Are you serious?! This one would go STRAIGHT into my Man Cave. Sorry kids!
Castle of Castles 5 of 21
Wowza. Can you imagine being a little kid and having your very own castle with all of the splendid accoutrements to go with it? Such style and grace. Such a fairy tale come to life. Let me think about this for a sec... okay, okay. Put 'er in the Man Cave!
New Item 6 6 of 21
Once again, a homemade gem of a bed in the form of an Imperial Walker. This is just one of those special beds that inspires imagination and light sabre duels all at once. Unreal. What a great dad this kiddo must have. Either that or the poor tyke hates Star Wars but his or her dad is a super fan, in which case this whole thing is just sad, huh? Either way, I love it for my Man Cave.
Sandwich! 7 of 21
What can I possibly say? A bed made to look like a sandwich? That's a case of combining two of the greatest things known to mankind. Any child would be lucky, LUCKY I SAY, to lay their little weary head down on this masterpiece. As far as my Man Cave goes, do you really even have to ask?
Shark! 8 of 21
Oh my Stars! Are these beds for kids or are these beds for Dads with Man Caves who like to pound a couple Coronas and watch Shark Week Marathons??!!! Yes, this is just wonderful. And yes, I want it. Don't you?
Millenium Falcon 9 of 21
Ummmm, this is supposed to be about beds for kids, right? So, uhhhh, what's with Princess Leia and her sultry come-hither-eyes? Anyway, this bed would make a lot of munchkins happy, no doubt. And it's all-systems-go for the Man Cave. (Hold the Leia, please! It's always been a fantasy of mine but I don't need the aggravation of a cross-galaxy fling.)
Dump Truck! 10 of 21
Jeez-o-man, where do I sign up to get on the list for one of these? Actually, this thing probably costs an arm and a leg, so scratch that. But still, what a beauty, huh? Can you imagine being a little guy (or a gal!) and climbing up here every night to dream your sweet dreams in the bucket of a dump truck? Just super cool. Park her in the Man Cave... obviously.
Big Bear 11 of 21
How about a bed made out of a giant teddy bear who stays up all night long and watches over your little dreamer with a smile on his big old goofy face? I'd say this one is a keeper for sure. For the kids and for the Man Cave. (I'm pretty easy to please, huh?)
Big Cat/Rat 12 of 21
I can't really tell whether this one is supposed to be a cat or a mouse. Hmph. It doesn't really matter, I suppose, since it is a great design either way and any kid would probably flip out to be able to have it in his or her room, don't you think? I'd take it in my Man Cave too, because it has that comfy look that I like when I am watching Gladiator for the 257th time.
Starfighter! 13 of 21
From the looks of this pic, I don't even think that this is a "kid's bedroom" at all. It looks more like the apartment bedroom of some dude who works at the video store and likes things reeeeeeeeeally nice and neat. (WTF?) That said, I believe that this starfighter might just be one of the coolest beds I have ever seen and so I decree that it ought to belong in some youngster's room somewhere. Or in my Man Cave, where it would certainly find a welcome home hovering above my little beer fridge named Chewbeerca.
Starfighter, Part 2 14 of 21
Okay, I just had to show you guys one more of this bed, so you could get a handle on some of the details. Imagine falling asleep in this bad boy? You would dream so many galactic dreams that you would probably end up working for NASA by the time you were in middle school.
The Last Starfighter 15 of 21
Okay, here's the last starfighter of our journey. I love this one because it has a more homemade feel to it. AND, it's obviously a kid's bedroom too, right? Gosh, I hope I'm right...
Cheeseburger! 16 of 21
These just keep on getting better and better, don't they? Whoever created this deserves a Nobel Prize for Coolness. Both my kids would adore a cheeseburger bed. Plus I could send it off to college with one of them too, saving me a bunch of dough down the line, right? What... you think college kids don't like cheeseburger beds? (PS. Man Cave? You already know the answer.)
Pirate Ship 17 of 21
There is no kid on earth, anywhere, no matter what you want to believe, who wouldn't be ecstatic to spend their tired little nights on board their own personal pirate ship. And that includes Kids-at-Heart too. (And Man Caves!)
Cinderella's Chariot! 18 of 21
How beautiful is this bed? It's a fairy tale parked right in your room, and when it's yours, every night promises enchantment and magic. That is, until Daddy comes and wheels it on out to the garage so him and his buddies can watch the Daytona 500 in style, ya'll! Don't worry, I'll get it back up to you kids... eventually.
T-Rex! 19 of 21
Not much to blabber on about when it comes to this bed. It is 100% pure incredible with a side order of awesome. Your kids would love it, mine would love it, you would love it, and I would love it. End of story.
Space Cadet 20 of 21
Okay, okay, I know. This isn't a "bed" exactly. Whatever. Take a look at this photo and tell me that this kid's bed isn't covered up with the coolest sheets ever made. And for most of us, this is probably a bit more possible for us to afford to actually buy for our kids, too. I think these sheets are wicked!
Nothin' Fancy 21 of 21
Of course, at the end of the day most kids know that it's never really been about the fancy bed you sleep in, and it's probably never gonna be either. Kids know that the most important part of a good night's sleep is a perfect bedtime story from Mom or Dad. That and a bunch of special friends to lay down beside you as you drift off to La-La Land. Sweet dreams!!!


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