20 Insanely Cool Beds for Kids

When I was a little boy I remember getting pretty excited when my mom announced that she would be getting my brother and me a set of bunk beds to share. Looking back on it now, it was an obvious space saver move (we were living in pretty tight quarters), but at the time my brother and I thought we were the luckiest two kids on the planet.

Bunk beds!

It was a brand new world of opportunity, the possibilities endless. We could leap off of them like train robbers and scale up the sides like mountain climbers. Up on the top bunk, we’d be pirates on a besieged ship; down on the bottom one, we’d be submarine guys down deep within the savage sea.

We didn’t disappoint either. Over the better part of the next decade, we played on that bunk bed until it began to shimmy and sway. It was probably the best piece of furniture I have ever known. And it was definitely the funnest.

Nowadays, wild-eyed imaginative kids aren’t as interested in cheap and simple bunk beds anymore and I can’t say I blame them. After all, there are so many unbelievably cool beds out there for kids (pirate ships, dinosaurs, starfighters, etc.) that it blows my mind to think of what my kids could end up sleeping in one one of these nights.

If I win the lottery.

But even if most of the coolest, craziest beds might be a financial stretch for a lot of us it’s still worth taking a look at them just to see how far we’ve come since “back in the day,” when me and you and our brothers and sisters thought that our crappy bunk beds were as awesome as it would ever get.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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