20 Mind-Blowing Strollers! (PHOTOS)

Every parent ends up spending a chunk of their lives pushing a stroller around.

For the most part it’s inevitable; babies and toddlers are more or less the equivalent of medium-sized kangaroos when left to their own devices in a mall or on the street. Turn one loose and look away for two seconds and they are able to cover a lot more ground and instill a lot more damage in a few swift moments then any of us could ever possibly imagine.

Plus, every stroller is priceless come nap time when you’re out and about.

So the invention of a device in which young, wild critters can be strapped in and wheeled along without too much trouble, was sure to catch on when the first giant pram or whatever was conjured up.

But just like anything else, something that becomes so popular and so useful and so much a part of so many people’s lives ultimately goes through a variety of changes as time goes by. Strollers are no exception. They are being shape-shifted even as we speak.

Yet, of all the various ways and styles in which this indispensable invention seems to continually morph into the “next best thing,” as a regular daddy of two kids with a fixed budget, I guess am still mostly drawn to the eye-popping aesthetic changes. In fact, to be honest, the only time I really get excited about strollers anymore is when I catch a glimpse of one of these ones that some creative savant  has souped up or detailed or attacked with so much paint and glue and ingenuity that it is impossible not acknowledge the fact that the damn thing is truly a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Wanna see some?

I thought you might.

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  • Bomb-Proof, Baby! 2 of 21

    The idea of souping up a stroller, or somehow customizing it according to one's own individual creative juices is nothing new, really. But nevertheless, I am always impressed by the lengths people have gone to (and continue to go to) when it comes to making sure their strollers are sleek, sharp, eye-catching, and bomb-proof.


  • Art Over Practicality 3 of 21

    Of course, I have always been more of a fan of the arty aesthetic innovations certain people come up with over the more practical changes. I mean, c'mon... what kid wouldn't want to be pushed around in a fighter plane covered in flowers?! Imagine pushing that one down the aisle of your local supermarket!


  • Make Mine Chrome 4 of 21

    Wow. Is this one cool or what? I'm not sure what all that chrome is supposed to say about you or your baby, or whether or not it's reflection is a danger to airplanes flying high overhead on a sunny day. But I sure know that it looks pretty sleek and could probably make your kid the envy of the whole playground gang.


  • Let’s Ride 5 of 21

    Nowadays, there really isn't much of a limit as to how crazy you can get with your child's ride. This little guy looks ready for the drag racing strip. And such poise behind the wheel too, huh?


  • Not Your Father’s Stroller 6 of 21

    If you are going for antique elegance and head-turning looks, this beauty ought to do the trick. Although it would probably cause people driving real cars to gawk at your awesomeness and crash.


  • Darth Vader Would Be Proud 7 of 21

    Have you ever taken the time to re-create your boring old folding stroller into a mesmerizing Imperial Walker from Star Wars for your little guy or gal? No? Me neither. But look at that lucky kid! I'm thinking that this Dad should be an inspiration to us all.


  • Star Wars, Part II 8 of 21

    Yes, that is a stroller in there. And yes those are a babies legs poking out from the seat. And yes, this might be the best stroller that ever strolled down the lane. (PS. Even if this R2D2 was just for Halloween, would you wake up on November 1st and take it apart? I know I wouldn't.)


  • The Hot Rod Kid 9 of 21

    Laid back and chillin' in a jacked-up hot rod stroller. Does it get any cooler than this for a kid?

    Answer: no, it does not.


  • Fins & Flames! 10 of 21

    Okay, okay, I think I may have just stumbled upon the greatest stroller in history. (And technically speaking in my book, yes it IS a stroller because that's a grown-up pushing a 3 or 4 wheeled vessel carrying a kid.)  It has flames and fins and a paint job to die for and a steering wheel for the little driver and that driver seems to be very,very happy to be rolling down the sidewalk in true style.


  • Fins & Flames Encore 11 of 21

    I just had to include a second look at this one, because everything about it really makes me smile. Look at that little fella in the driver's seat. Is he just perfect for this ride or what? Together, this car and this kid make souped-up strollers seem like the coolest thing on Earth.


  • Speed Demon 12 of 21

    I'm not sure just how fast this creative endeavor goes, but judging by the looks of this pic I'd say it can move along at a pretty good clip. I think I'd rather have one that just looks fast though. Still, points for innovation. I have a feeling that this dad likes to go out "stroller cruising" on his own, without the bambinos.


  • A Classic 13 of 21

    So let's take a moment to just hail an all-time classic, okay? Remember these cool looking uncomfortable stroller things that our parents used to rent at amusement parks or the mall to push us around in? They were hard plastic tigers or sharks or dolphins and you would just slide down on the slippery seat, but us kids loved them so much, huh? I haven't seen anything quite like this in a while, but I'm keeping my eyes open so I can give my kids a retro ride if the opportunity pops up.



  • Vintage Glory 14 of 21

    This one is a new model made to look like some sort of vintage masterpiece. It's definitely for younger babes, but man-oh-man, how cool would it be to someday look back at photos of your tiny self being pushed around the neighborhood in this work of art?


  • Fly Me To The Moon 15 of 21

    Is this not one of the best souped-up flying saucer strollers you have ever seen? Okay, maybe it's actually the first one you ever seen, but still. It's an intergalactic winner for sure, right? To be honest, I'm not even certain whether this is a stroller or a walker underneath all of that awesomeness, but in the end—who even cares?


  • Ready for Zombies 16 of 21

    Dang. Any kiddo riding in this thing is ready for the Zombie War, I reckon. And with that sort of fire power, he or she is probably also getting ice cream or cookies every single time they request it, too. (Wink, wink!)


  • Mommy Was A Longboarder 17 of 21

    Here's one that any child of the 90's (or any hipster parent of today) can appreciate. It looks quick, simple, and it seems to me that it would be a really good workout for a parent, so what's not to like? Plus, I can guarantee you that any kid strapped into this stroller is loving life as he whips down road or the aisle. And the best part is that this one is actually in development to be available for sale soon.


  • Kid Neon 18 of 21

    This one is just plain insane. But then again, I love neon and shiny colorful things... just like most kids. So yeah, I need this one.


  • Blue Steel 19 of 21

    If you want the very best, if you want top-notch sparkly chrome and thick racing tires and street-ruling looks and feel, then do this to your stroller and you and your tot will rule the whole neighborhood.


  • Truckin’ 20 of 21

    I like this one because it isn't too fancy or too flashy, but you know if you were just a little kid and your mom or dad pulled this up to the curb and said, "Here's your new ride," you'd be grinning from ear to ear!


  • Just Plain Cool 21 of 21

    At the end of the day, let's face it. Kids love to to be pushed and pulled around in strange creative new ways. So, even if you don't have the time or energy to create a souped-up stroller with all the bells and whistles, don't fret... because you can bet that there are a million ways to lug kids around in true artistic style that don't even cost a red cent. Happy Strollering!



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