20 Things About My Wife, Mooshinindy

My wife, she’s a pretty special lady. People at my day job are pretty fascinated with her and what she gets to do for a living. And truth be told, I’m pretty fascinated with what she does for a living too. I’m actually kind of jealous that she gets to travel and participate in some pretty cool events. She’s also a pretty incredible mother to our two kids—something I had my doubts about when I first met her. Although I fell in love with her pretty quickly and was engaged to her within a few weeks of meeting her, I wondered for a long time whether she was the right fit for me based on my doubts about her ability to be a mother. Now that I’ve seen her in action for several years, I should have been wondering about my own abilities to be a father rather than her abilities to be a mother. She’s proved me wrong in a lot of ways and I look up to her as a person.

To give everyone a taste of why I love her so much, I decided to list 20 things about my wife, Mooshinindy:

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  • New York City 2 of 21

    Casey always wanted to live in New York City, and when I told her on our first date that I would take her to New York... that got me a second date.

  • Talky, Talky 3 of 21

    The lady can talk to anyone, and feels comfortable doing so.

  • Sleep 4 of 21

    If allowed to do so, Casey could sleep all day and all night. I haven't met very many people who love to sleep as much as Casey does.

  • Food Touching 5 of 21

    Casey hates it when her food touches, especially when her syrup leaks over onto her eggs, even though the combination of eggs and syrup is almost as good as cake and ice cream.

  • Her Dad 6 of 21

    Her dad is a pretty incredible carpenter. The man can make almost anything out of wood.

  • Mexican Food 7 of 21

    Casey loves Mexican food and almost always requests it when we're on dates.

  • Not a Dog Person 8 of 21

    Part of the reason Casey is a cat person is because she doesn't like the way dogs smell and she doesn't like that the smell rubs off onto her hands when she pets dogs.

  • Sand Play 9 of 21

    While on one trip to a beach in L.A., I decided to bury Casey in the sand. She learned later over a period of several hours that, due to anatomy, it wasn't such a good idea to bury a lady in the sand.

  • Smarts 10 of 21

    Casey is incredibly smart. She finished high school with a really high GPA and she reads at a pace that practically doubles mine.

  • Driving Skills 11 of 21

    Casey knows how to drive a stick-shift like a pro.

  • Date Night 12 of 21

    Casey doesn't like going to movies on dates because it means we're sitting in a room together without being able to talk to each other. She prefers other activities like bowling.

  • Athletic 13 of 21

    Casey is surprisingly athletic and strong. After several years of never seeing Casey engage in anything requiring athleticism, I jokingly decided to play catch with her in our backyard. I was shocked when I saw how easily she could catch a football and throw it back to me in a perfect spiral. 

  • Weirdness 14 of 21

    Casey can get sucked into the weirdest things online sometimes. Drop some facts on her about dental hygiene and she could spend the next five hours scouring the internet searching for more weird facts about it.

  • Donut Love 15 of 21

    Casey loves donuts and ever since she saw the Duck Dynasty guys eating as many hot donuts as they could, she's wanted to take a shot at seeing how many hot donuts that she can eat in one sitting. (I would win that contest, guaranteed.)

  • Birthday Party 16 of 21

    One of Casey's biggest wishes in life is to one day have a fantastic surprise birthday party. The lady gets geeked out about the prospects of a surprise party every year.

  • Hair Color 17 of 21

    Casey has been having her hair colored for a while now. In fact, it's been so long since Casey's real hair color has made an appearance that she doesn't know what her natural hair color is.

  • Travel 18 of 21

    Casey doesn't get nervous when she travels. She just goes with the flow and if it works out, it works out. It doesn't even matter if she's flying to a foreign country or boarding a cruise ship.

  • Diploma 19 of 21

    Casey completed her last year of high school while living and maintaining her own apartment. She was an emancipated minor for that last year and I think that's pretty impressive.

  • Chocolate Please 20 of 21

    Casey prefers chocolate over vanilla. She would take the combination of chocolate and peanut butter over pretty much anything else.

  • Creative 21 of 21

    Casey is the most creative person I know. She's so creative that I have a hard time even trying to comprehend just how high her ceiling is in life.

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