2013, The Year of the Snake!: Should Expecting Parents Be Worried?

The Year of the Snake.
The Year of the Snake.

This Sunday marks the end of the Year of the Dragon on the Chinese calendar, which can only mean one thing: ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the Year of the Snake!

Now, that might not mean a whole lot to some of us here in the western part of the planet. But make no mistake about it, for billions of other Earthlings, especially for folks planning to be parents, there is quite a bit of thinking going on in regards to the serpent year.

See, in the tradition of the Chinese New Year, it is believed that people born under each of the twelve different individual animal signs (with subspecies chosen each year — this year it’s Water Snake) will ultimately carry certain traits that define the animal.

And so naturally, when you’re dealing with this kind of natural variety: Rat, Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Chicken, Dog, Pig … you’re going to have some that are perennial favorites and some that are not so much.

An article in the New Strait Times explains that last year, being born under the sign of the Dragon was extremely coveted by legions of planning parents-to-be. In fact, it was so important to be born under that sign which is said to bring more luck and success other signs, that “the rush for a Dragon baby was so real that hospitals and maternity wards were reportedly full, even in Malaysia.”

But what about the poor old Snake?

Isn’t he as good, or even almost as good as the Dragon is?

Will babies born in this new Chinese year have a tougher time of things? After all, as an story points out, the last two Year of the Snakes brought about some pretty bad events; 1989’s Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing and 2001’s 9/11 tragedy in New York.

But does that really mean much?

Not according to New Strait Times, which claims that  “the Snake’s inherent element is fire, thus Snake children tend to be polite, active, energetic, humble, respectful, intuitive, smart and patient. They can also be demanding and cunning.”

USA Today article out today claims, “People born in the year of the snake are believed to be good at business.”

And when talked to Taiwanese astrologer Tsai Shang-chi, he told them he believes that even though “snakes were often associated with monsters…(and) some political turbulence can be expected,” he also thinks babies born under the sign of the Snake will  be “self-motivated and agile.”

Only time will tell.


Info sources: New Strait Times,, USA Today


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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