4 Year-Old Superman Falls Three Stories, Lands On Feet

Maybe some kids DO have Super powers?
Maybe some kids DO have Super powers?

Every parent’s most horrid nightmare came true the other day for an Aurora, Colorado mom.

According to a piece on Yahoo! Shine today, Jessica Hayes was doing a bit of spring cleaning in her third floor apartment when  her 4 year-old son, Dylan, was in the other room perched upon a couch and talking to a neighbor through a screened window.

That’s when the worst happened.

“My mom was cleaning our fridge out and, all of a sudden, I hear her screaming, ‘Dylan just went out the window!'” Jessica Hayes told Denver’s KCNC-TV. 

So she immediately saw that it was true, as the screen was gone and so was Dylan, and she bolted downstairs.

Now, try and imagine what was going through her mind at that second. Nothing could be worse than those few seconds of not knowing what has happened to your child in the immediate wake of falling out a high window, right? I mean, everything must be a blur and your heart must be about to burst out of your chest.

But, the world is so unpredictable. And so are four year-olds.

When Dylan’s mom emerged from the building and ran towards what simply had to be certain tragedy: there was her son, just standing there on his two feet, looking dazed but fine on the rocky ground below their window.

How? Why? What happened?!

Well, according to the Shineaccount, “the little boy fell through the window’s screen, did two somersaults in the air, and landed on his feet on the gravel.”

A neighbor witnessed the whole thing and said that he heard a crashing sound and then saw a red and blue blur fall from the sky.

That would be Dylan Hayes and the Superman shirt he happened to be wearing when he took his afternoon flight.


Info source: Yahoo! Shine, KCNC-TV

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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