7 Parking Lot Personalities You Find When Looking for a Spot

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I HATE holiday shopping for so many reasons: the crowds, the chaos, the attitudes and especially the parking. I tend to be what I call a “strategic” shopper. I do all of the shopping in my head, and then I to a strategic strike right to that shop, purchase the item, and then get out. If I do it right, my shopping can take a mater of minutes to be completed.

There is only one problem though, something that I have absolutely no control over – the parking lot and the drivers that rule it.

The drivers are the ones who ruin my strategic, surgical gift extraction and who, at the end of the day, put me in an even fouler mood than when I knew that I had to go shopping. (Yeah, basically, shopping puts me in a foul mood).

But those drivers must have crept up from the darkest of holes or the slimiest of bogs and gotten behind the wheel to torment us all. During the year regularly, I call them the Sunday Drivers, the one that only get behind the wheel on Sundays and basically have no clue as to anything related to the road, etiquette or even compassion.

Assuming that you actually make it alive to the shopping mall, there is now a NEW type of person that you have to deal with as you look for something extremely precious namely – a parking space.

We all know these types as they exist wherever you go. It is just that they seem to come out like cockroaches during the holidays and they are even more extreme that normal.

I present you with 7 Parking Lot Types that you will find walking in a crowded parking lot when you are looking for a space.

  • The Ignorer 1 of 7
    The Ignorer
    Seemingly walks toward their car without acknowledging your presence and you don't know if they are actually going to a parking space. They completely ignore anyone following them.
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  • The Little Old Lady 2 of 7
    The Little Old Lady
    Sweet as can be but takes what seems like a century to get to her car and get out of the space. Give her lots of room to get out of the space as well!
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  • The Chatterbox 3 of 7
    The Chatterbox
    This one is gabbing away on a cellphone as they walk to their car and when they eventually get there, they get in but just sit there chatting away and not leaving.
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  • The Frazzled Parent 4 of 7
    The Frazzled Parent
    We all know this one well…they have kids in tow, packed shopping cart and they have to put their stroller in the trunk and maybe even will need to change a diaper a diaper or two. Be prepared to wait.
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  • The Director 5 of 7
    The Director
    This one clearly tells you that they are leaving, indicating that you should follow them, and when you do eventually get to their spot, it happens to be the one that is the furthest away from the store entrance.
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  • The Dropper Off-er 6 of 7
    The Dropper Off-er
    This person is the one that walks to their car to drop something off but doesn't tell you that they aren't leaving so you follow them because they look like they are leaving.
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  • The Savior 7 of 7
    The Savior
    This is the diamond in the rough. This is the one that has the best spot in the lot and lets you know they are leaving. Essentially the oposite of all of the others.
    Image source: Microsoft Clip Art

I sure hope that you are a Savior when you are freeing up your parking space for someone else. Karma points go a long way, especially during the holidays.

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