8 Projects My Wife Wants Done Yesterday

We’ve all heard of the honey-do list. I hate the term because it comes with a negative connotation that doesn’t seem to apply to my marriage. I don’t come home from work or from wherever I’ve been to find a list of demands from my wife. That’s not how our marriage works, but my wife does have little projects she’d like me to complete and I do get reminders about them every once in a while.

Projects haven’t exactly been my strong suit over the last five years and I think that has a lot to do with my wanting to make up for how much I was gone when I was in law school. I wasn’t around much during law school and my law school needs always took priority over whatever else was going on with our family. Taking that attitude into law school nearly cost me my marriage and so when I made changes to my marriage putting family first was one of those changes.  Ever since then taking time away from my family when I’m not at work so I can do projects is hard to do. And, truthfully, there’s also a bit of a laziness element that factors into that equation as well, and as a result many of the projects I’ve started over the past five years have taken months or years to complete.

Laziness and marital changes be damned, there are things that my wife needs me to get done around the house and she’s needed those things done for, well, the last four years.  Here are 8 projects my wife wants done yesterday:

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  • TV Cables 2 of 9

    When I decided to hang my flat screen TV on the wall I promised my wife that the cables would be hidden from view. We bought an entertainment stand that was supposed to be able to conceal the cables, but we found out while installing the stand that the cables were too big to fit behind the cable concealer and ever since we've had cables hanging from the TV to the electronic equipment below and there aren't many things that bug my wife more than visible cables around the TV.

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  • The Garage 3 of 9

    When we moved into our house we vowed never to have a Hoosier garage--a garage completely stuffed with crap eliminating the garage's ability to store, you know, cars. We've managed to keep half our promise by keeping one half of the garage clean, but the other half is a disaster that my wife has been hoping I would clean for the past 2 years.

  • The Garden 4 of 9

    My wife started gardening a bit this summer. Over the past two years I built her a garden box so she could plant vegetables and now she wants a second garden box that runs the width of our house. I promised to have it done back in May and so far I have made no progress on completing that project.

  • The Spare TV(s) 5 of 9

    Once our fancy flat screen TV was hung from the wall when we moved into this house, we didn't have any use for my old rear-projection 55" HDTV. For those who don't remember, a rear-projection TV is almost the size of a house. That spare TV has sat in the corner of our loft with its screen faced towards the wall for the last 4 years and I haven't found the energy or the will to cart the thing off to the local Goodwill so my wife can have the extra space in the loft.

  • Garage Shelving 6 of 9

    Part of the reason our garage is such a mess is because we don't have adequate places to store our kids' old clothes and toys and other items. In order to fix that problem I promised Casey I would build shelves in the garage. That promise was made 2 years ago and I have only recently figured out how to build the shelves.

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  • Clutter 7 of 9

    We have way too much clutter in our house and we need to start eliminating some of that clutter. (FYI--that picture is not a picture of our house and our clutter isn't anywhere near as bad as what's shown in that picture, otherwise we'd just move).

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  • Attic Storage 8 of 9

    Not all of our stuff that needs to be stored will fit on the shelves in our garage. Some of the stuff is going to have to go in our attic, but I first have to get the attic ready so it can handle storage. Then once the attic is ready I have to actually take the time to pack the bins of storage up to the attic. My wife has been waiting for me to get on this project since the first month we moved into this house... four years ago.

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  • Fire Pit 9 of 9

    This is a project I can't wait to get started on, but I can't get to it until I've completed all the other projects. My wife has wanted a fire pit for our back yard since we moved here and I've just recently caught the interest in having one too. Hopefully I can finish the rest of the projects so I can get this one in the ground in time for us to roast marshmallows on Christmas Eve.

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