8 Things That Stress Out Dads

Being a dad is exciting and sometimes overwhelming. While most men enjoy the benefits of fatherhood, we constantly feel the pressure of providing for and protecting our families. I remember how stressed out I was when I found out my wife was pregnant. I worried about money, education, and my ability to be a good father. Many dads share these concerns. In addition, dads must cope with the stresses of work, household chores, and social obligations. To make matters worse, we inundated with stories about school shootings, sexual predators, and violent crime. All of these things are enough to increased anyone’s stress levels.

They key to dealing with these stressful situations is to first understand them. In my experience as a father, I’ve discovered eight things that are constantly on dads’ minds.

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    They keep me up at night...
  • Financial Future 2 of 9
    Financial Future
    For the past few years, the economy has been fragile and families have struggled to make ends meet. With the specter of layoffs, rising costs (especially college), and instability looming in the backs of our minds, it's hard to feel confident about our financial future. That's why it's important for dads to protect their families by developing budgets, establishing savings and investment accounts, and teaching children about money.
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  • Work/Life Balance 3 of 9
    Work/Life Balance
    The average American work week is 60+ hours. In addition, we take fewer than 14 vacation days a year. Our jobs are a huge source of stress in our lives. While we don't want to do anything that will jeopardize our employment, we also want to have time to enjoy our families. Setting boundaries between work and family is important, but often it's difficult to do.
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  • Family’s Safety 4 of 9
    Family's Safety
    A father's instinct to protect his family is strong. Unfortunately, we cannot be with them all the time nor can we fully shield them from the evil in this world. But we can equip them with knowledge, put safety measures in place, and let them know that we are always in their corners.
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  • Having Enough Time to Do Everything 5 of 9
    Having Enough Time to Do Everything
    There is so much to do in a day: Work, children's activities, exercise, spend time with friends and family, etc. Finding time to get everything done, can be stressful. That's why it's important to focus on things that are most important to you and your family.
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  • Health 6 of 9
    Nothing scares a dad quite like the a serious illness. While there's nothing you can do to prevent some diseases, you can make sure that you and your family eat right, get enough rest and exercise, and visit the doctor regularly. Having the proper amount of health, life, and disability insurance is also important.
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  • Technology 7 of 9
    This new world of technology is exciting and frightening. Trying to keep track of new social networks, filtering software, and malware can keep dads stressed out. While we want our kids to be technologically savvy, we also want to protect them from harmful material, bullying, and online predators. In addition, dads want their kids to have some semblance of privacy. Establishing ground rules regarding the use of technology is the first step towards keeping things in check.
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  • Peer Influence 8 of 9
    Peer Influence
    There will come a point in time when your children's friends have a greater influence on their lives. Dads worry about their kids' running with a the wrong crowd, getting into trouble, or being victimized by bullies. While we cannot hand-pick our children's friends, we can talk to them about true friendship and ask about their relationships with their peers. Showing interest in your child's life makes a huge difference.
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  • Education 9 of 9
    Dads want the best education for their kids. In choosing the right education model, we have to consider public, private and homeschooling options. Sorting through these choices requires diligent research and can feel a bit overwhelming at times. However, it is one of the most important decisions we can make for our children. Although we may agonize over our children's educational opportunities, we must select an environment that is most conducive to our children's learning.
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