A Case for the Flashlight

Once upon a time, about six years ago, they didn’t have apps for that (that being whatever you are talking about at any given moment). If we wanted a map or direction,s we had to use a GPS system. If we wanted to watch a movie on the road, we had to use our laptop computer or portable DVD player. Music had its own player! Basically, we were like cavemen, and we were all embarrassed by our obvious shortcomings.

The dawning of the iPhone changed all that and made multiple gadgets nearly obsolete. Why have a GPS system, movie player, music player, and a phone when you can have it all in one? That’s what we said, and life was good.

However, there is one item that I must make a case for, and that item is the flashlight. Yes, there are a number of flashlight apps available for your mobile device, and I use one nightly to walk downstairs in our dark house so that I can avoid LEGO edges, misplaced shoes, or the other random leavings of boyhood, but if I was walking down said dark stairs to check on a suspicious noise or other potential threat I think a large, solid flashlight in my hand is much more useful than my smartphone. I’m talking basic weaponry here, people.

You see, flashlights are big and sturdy (actual size may vary), and if you must defend yourself against an intruder/shadow then it is better to have something that will damage the thing you are hitting rather than the thing you are hitting with. I learned that in Self-defense 101: Don’t Tuck the Thumb.

Keep a flashlight in your nightstand, and you’ll be better for it.

Also, should there be some sort of emergency in which you are without power for an extended period of time, it is smart to have a separate source for light than to drain your smartphone battery. Note, you cannot post status updates on a flashlight.

That is why it is important to have a working flashlight and some extra batteries in your emergency kit, just like water, canned goods, and toilet paper (I don’t recommend this as an app, ever).

You’re welcome.


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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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