A Child’s Stuffy: Vivi’s Bunny is Multiplying

bunny01Vivi and her bunny go together like Linus and his blanket or Oscar the Grouch and his garbage can. In other words, wherever Vivi goes her bunny goes too. As I’ve mentioned before, we have had a few scares when we nearly lost Addie’s woobie — which is a one-of-a-kind love — so Casey bought several bunnies for Vivi just in case. The loss of a child’s stuffy can bring terror to a parent. Those bunnies get swapped out every three weeks so that they wear evenly making it so that Vivi doesn’t know she actually has four bunnies instead of the one. Our plan has worked almost flawlessly …

We have had some hiccups though. Bunny sometimes has to take a bath in the washing machine and when the bath is over bunny gets hung up by the ears from a hanging rack in our laundry room. When that happens we try to put the hanging bunny between a few shirts that are drying as well so that Vivi cannot see bunny if she happens to catch a glance into the laundry room. There have been a few occasions when Vivi had peaked into the laundry room and has seen her bunny hanging by the ears. She always demands to have her bunny right then and right there. Luckily she has never actually been holding one of the other bunnies when that has happened.

One time Casey pulled out a spare bunny when the bunny Vivi was currently using disappeared. A few days later while Vivi was playing in her playhouse, she found that missing bunny and for the first time realized that an identical bunny to her bunny existed in the world. She screamed in delight and ran to show Casey that she found another bunny. Casey explained to Vivi that the extra bunny must have stopped by to visit. For the next 20 minutes Vivi had the time of her life as she practiced putting those two bunnies to bed over and over and over, and then Vivi went into another room and Casey sneaked one of the bunnies out of its play crib and hid the bunny in a closet. Vivi returned and started frantically searching for the missing bunny. Casey explained to Vivi that the bunny had to go back to its family — crisis averted.


This last weekend while Casey was gone, another bunny went missing and Vivi eventually stumbled across the missing bunny just like last time. For one entire morning, Vivi played with two bunnies all while being careful not to let either one out of her sight. Because Casey had already come up with a plausible explanation for the extra bunny, I decided to blow Vivi’s mind. As Vivi played with her two bunnies, I quietly dropped a third bunny on the ground. Vivi stumbled into that bunny and a dumb-founded look came over her face. She looked at one of the bunnies she was holding and then looked at the other bunny she was holding and then looked down in disbelief at the third bunny laying on the ground. About 45 minutes later, Vivi stumbled onto a fourth bunny that I had dropped in the room and Vivi squealed with excitement and was about the happiest I have ever seen her for the rest of the day.


Vivi and Addie used the four bunnies and Vivi’s big bunny, which is a giant version of Vivi’s bunny, to pretend to take family pictures. They created a backdrop with a blanket and used one of Casey’s old cameras to pretend to take the pictures. Vivi carried each bunny around the house with her to show them all of her things, and she kept the least worn bunny tucked up in her shirt to make sure that bunny didn’t run away back to its family. When night came and Vivi went to bed, I gathered the three spare bunnies and put them back in their hiding place. The three spare bunnies will have to make another visit, because watching that girl’s reaction was reason enough to buy spare stuffies.

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