A Day of Play: Dad’s Time-Lapse Day Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Fun with dad.

In an interview with The New York Daily News, a dad named Emio TomeoniĀ  in Kansas City says that when it comes time to playing with his 21 month-old son, Xavier, he doesn’t mess around.

“I play hard,” Tomeoni tells the paper.

But, after watching this guy get down on the floor and basically play pretty much every game known to man/child in his recent time-lapse video that’s gone viral, all I can say is: dude has some real stamina when it comes to play-time.

I love to get down on the carpet, don’t get me wrong.

And I can make up a plastic animal parade with the best of ’em and I sure as hell have done my share of dinosaur tea party with my two kids (and loved it for like a half hour) but when it comes to marathon sessions of non-stop play for hours in a row, well….let’s just say I fail miserably at that.

Then again, I doubt many parents actually do what Mr. Tomeoni does in the video that he made to show his wife what a day at home with his son looks like.

I’m not saying it isn’t awesome, because it really is.

But, if for no other reason than to continue to convince myself that I am a pretty good dad give-or-take a few things, I just can’t help but wonder if he really does it like that all the time or if he maybe turned on the play-jets to make sure his video footage was action-packed?

Either way, it looks likes Xavier had a blast that day and that’s all that matters, really.

Great video.



Info: The New York Daily News


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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