A Fully Clothed Bath with the Baby? Okay.

This baby of ours has loved baths pretty much from the time we got her home right up until about a week ago. Something changed, however, and now she’s about as scared of baths as I am of the Mothman.

Casey started giving Vivi baths in the regular bathtub when Vivi was only about a month old. Vivi would lay in the tub on her back and frog kick her legs in the water enjoying every minute of her time in the tub. Not even water being dumped over the baby’s head while her hair was being washed was too much to make that baby hate bath time.

That’s how bath time has gone for us for the past 14 months, and then Casey decided to give Vivi a bath one night last week. The screaming that came out of that baby made me wonder why Casey was stomping on Vivi’s pet puppy. A few nights later it was the same story all over again—nothing but screaming like Casey was trying to drown our baby girl.

On Sunday night after Vivi covered herself in her spaghetti dinner, I decided I would give her a bath and prove that she still loved bath time.

I ran the water and got it to the perfect temperature  I bounced the baby up the stairs as she loves to do until she was giggling with excitement. We continued the bouncing game until we got into her bathroom where the water was waiting for her. And that’s when the REAL excitement started.

Vivi started whining as I took off her shirt and her diaper. I picked her up and set her in the tub and she lost it. Full Vivi screams were heard resonating through the house. She stiffened straight as a board and refused to sit in the water. Then she tried to climb out of the tub with all her might, all the while her screams were echoing in the bathroom.

She didn’t just hate baths. She was deathly scared of baths.

Addie had gone through a similar phase when she was about 2-years-old and I used to get in the bathtub with her while I wore my swimsuit. This time I didn’t have a swimsuit so I called for Addie to find my swimsuit. Addie came into the bathroom after having looked for my swimsuit for a grand total of 5 seconds to tell me that she couldn’t find my swimsuit.

Without a swimsuit nearby and a baby covered in spaghetti sauce screaming in terror, I did the only thing I really could do. I hopped in the tub fully clothed and gave that baby a bath.

Addie saw me in the tub with Vivi and she went to tattle on me to her mother. Once Casey heard that I was in the tub fully clothed, she did exactly what I expected her to do—she grabbed her camera.

  • Old Vivi Taking a Bath 1 of 6
    Old Vivi Taking a Bath
    This is a picture of Vivi taking a bath when she was about 1-year-old.
  • My Next to Last Experience Giving VIvi a Bath 2 of 6
    My Next to Last Experience Giving VIvi a Bath
    I gave VIvi a bath a week before this little experience and this was one of the pictures of I got her loving her bath.
  • Bath with the Vivster 3 of 6
    Bath with the Vivster
    I got her calmed down by playing with her bath toys.
  • The Baby Toes 4 of 6
    The Baby Toes
    I started washing between her toes which got her laughing.
  • Scrubbing the Baby 5 of 6
    Scrubbing the Baby
    By this time Vivi was sold on taking a bath so long as I was in the tub with her.
  • The End of the Bath 6 of 6
    The End of the Bath
    By the end of the bath Vivi would lean back and give me kisses on the cheek.

So when, if ever, is it appropriate to bathe with baby? Here’s what the AAP says


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