A Major Award From Cleaning up Puke? Yes Please

We were sitting in the family room in my parents’ home as I watched the Orange Bowl and Casey was tap, tap, tapping away on her laptop. I heard Vivi yell, “Adda, Adda, Adda,” followed by some pretty sad cries.

Vivi had been struggling to sleep that night, and when she struggles to sleep she usually calls for someone to check on her. Earlier that evening, when Vivi first started having trouble sleeping, I had been out of the house looking for a watchable-movie to rent. While I was gone, Casey went in with Vivi to see what was wrong. She determined that Vivi had a case of the stomach gas.

Once I got home, Vivi started calling for me and I went to check on the kid. The room was dark and somewhat unfamiliar. Vivi was sleeping in a neighbor’s Pack and Play that we were borrowing while we stayed with my parents. The room where Vivi was sleeping was filled with all kinds of cloth, sewing machines, and ironing boards. It was too dark for me to see, but I could smell what was wrong.

Vivi looked up at me and said, “Out.” I looked a little closer and I saw that Vivi’s bunny was slimy. Turns out the kid didn’t have a case of gas, she had a case of the stomach flu. She had thrown up all over her bed, her bunny, her favorite blanket, and her jammies were covered in throw up, too.

I yelled down the hallway to let Casey know that Vivi had thrown up and she immediately asked, “Bath or shower?” I answered with, “Shower!” and headed back in with Vivi. I picked up Vivi’s blanket and her bunny and threw them into the laundry room across the hall so they could be washed. I then picked up Vivi and walked her down the hallway and into the bathroom where Casey had the shower running and a towel spread out on the floor where I could take Vivi’s throw-up soaked pajamas off. I held Vivi in the shower and cleaned off as much of the throw up as I could without climbing in the shower myself. Casey then handed me a towel and I wrapped a shivering Vivi in the towel and laid her down in front of the bathroom sink.

I then put her head under the sink and finished washing the throw up out of her hair. Once I was sure the kid was puke-free, I stepped out of the bathroom where Casey had laid out new pajamas ready to go. I dressed Vivi and she looked up at me and said, “Night, night.” She hopped up and ran down the hallway towards her bed where Casey had changed all of the bedding. The spare bunny that we had brought along on our trip “just in case” was already sitting in the crib ready to go. I put Vivi in her bed where she went to sleep and stayed asleep until 8 the next morning.

That had to have been the most efficient throw up cleaning I’ve ever been a part of. It took a whopping six minutes to get done.

Now, where’s my leg shaped lamp?

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