A Mother Daughter Trip to New York City?

I was a bit surprised to hear Casey tell me the other night as we discussed our upcoming trip to New York City that she wished she could take Addie with us. These two girls love to go and hang out together, but it never really crossed my mind that they would do something together as significant as visiting New York City together.

These two go out on mother-daughter dates about once every two months. They’ve taken numerous trips to That Old Spaghetti Factory together, which is usually followed by a bout of shopping or a quick kid-oriented movie.

I can always tell when they’re itching for a little time alone together so they can rekindle that mother-daughter friendship. Addie’s usually on a pretty good “not listening” kick and Casey’s usually had about as much as she can handle with the not listening. One mother-daughter date later and Addie comes back ready to be obedient and Casey’s looking forward to their next trip together.

The little dates usually workout perfectly for Vivi and me too. Vivi goes to bed none-the-wiser, but I get a little break from the all-girl scene in our house, and I get to catch up on such shows as The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, and Sons of Anarchy. None of which I’m allowed to watch while Casey’s home.

The more I’ve thought about Casey’s comment about taking Addie to New York City, the more and more I want it to happen. Those two loved a recent trip together to Chicago, but New York City would be so much more special for them.

Even though Addie is only 7-years-old, she absolutely loves fashion. She tries to create it, she wears it, and she watches shows about it. What better place to take Addie than the fashion capital of the world? Throw in a few Broadway shows and the Statue of Liberty and you have one special Addie and Casey weekend date.

This isn’t something my parents would have ever considered doing, so this whole thing seems pretty unique to me, but it also seems like such a good idea. Have you ever done something similar with your family?

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