A New Name for Stay-at-Home Dads … Fathermuckers?

So I’ll get to the whole SAHD thing in a second, but buried at the bottom of this Washington Post On Parenting piece was a little bit of horrific news: Hollywood is considering a remake of Mr. Mom.


Now, I love me some Michael Keaton, and I actually enjoyed the movie itself, but that title is 25 years old now and is still making it difficult for dads to be parents without being labeled moms. I don’t want to deal with 25 more years of that crap.

But I digress.

On Parenting chatted with Greg Olear, a great writer whose novel, Fathermucker, chronicles a day in the life of a stay-at-home dad (I was excited to see this story, as I just started reading the book and like it!). He suggested a new name for stay-at-home dads and surprise surprise … he comes up with fathermucker. Now, that’s great book marketing. But while I don’t like his choice, I do like his idea.

SAHDS need a new name.

It’s a mouthful. It implies we’re stuck. It’s long. It’s boring. I just don’t like to say it or write it for aesthetic reasons. Do moms at home call themselves stay-at-home moms? Full-time moms? That’s a mouthful, too.

The problem is, it’s an awfully descriptive term. I’m not just a dad. I do, in fact, stay home. So damn it, what can you say? Househusband seems weird. My wife vetoed “trophy husband” with a snort that was a little too mean sounding for my taste.

If you were to rename stay-at-home dads, what would you call them?

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