A Sad Toddler: My Maturing Toddler Misses Her Mother and Sister

My Toddler Has Matured and Now MIsses Her Mother and SisterCasey has been leaving on and off due to work requirements for several years now. For Vivi’s first year or so, Casey didn’t travel very much and when she did, she usually took Vivi with her. Since the end of that first year, Casey has been gone many times while leaving Vivi behind with me. For a lot of Casey’s trips, Addie gets to tag along with Casey, but Vivi and I almost always remain behind.

Thanks to Casey’s work schedule and our arrangement that I would do all of Vivi’s night visits, Vivi and I became accustomed to each other. I’m sure those are the reasons Vivi prefers me whenever she falls and hurts herself, and I’m sure it’s the reason she cries at night if I’m not the one putting her to bed. Vivi has a bunny that travels with her everywhere and gives her comfort, but I’m her other comfort stuffy. When she hurts herself she cries for bunny and for Daddy.

Our relationship has to help relax Casey as she worries about whether she is gone too much and whether her toddler will be alright while she’s gone. Outside of a very exhausted and tired of daycare Vivi, so far nothing has caused Casey to worry when she leaves.

Casey and Addie took off to Sarasota, Florida last week for several days and then they headed straight to Miami so they could board a cruise ship. For the first time, I’m a little worried about Vivi while Casey is gone. Especially for such a long period of time.

I seem to have a maturing toddler on my hands, because Vivi definitely has turned a corner in her development. She can spend hours playing imaginary games without any interruption. She’s also a much happier child most of the time and she’s even sleeping through the night without incident. I can also reason with Vivi now. When she wants to throw a fit, I can tell her what I’m doing and she’ll stop her fit. If she wants to do something and it’s not the right time for that something, I can explain to her why we have to wait and I can see that she understands.

While Vivi was playing with one of her toy airplanes, I told Vivi that her mom and Addie were on a plane and that they were going to get on a boat right after. Ever since then Vivi will suddenly stop doing whatever she’s doing and tell me she wants to get on the boat. When she gets tired she’ll start to whimper and say, “Addie gone?” and, “Momma gone?” She also gets really excited when she sees pictures of Addie and Casey in our picture books.

I’m sure we’ll make it to the end of Casey’s trip just fine, but with nearly seven days left before Casey gets back, I’m starting to worry how the length of time will affect a more mature Vivi.

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