A Trip to the 2013 Indiana State Fair

My dad used to get really excited for the Utah State Fair. My sisters and I were never excited about it largely because the fair was a three hour drive away and we never got to eat anything while we were there. I guess that’s not quite accurate, we did get to share an ice cream cone when we went to the fair, but outside that we had to pass on all the fried food that state fairs are famous for. It also didn’t help that the Utah State Fair always fell on my mom’s birthday and it always made her grumpy to have to go to the fair on her birthday.

While I didn’t grow up a fan of the state fair, Casey was a huge fan of the state fair. She loves the fair so much that it’s not uncommon for her to make 4 to 10 trips each year to the Indiana State Fair. It doesn’t matter if I or the kids want to go with her or not, because if we don’t go she’ll either go by herself or she’ll meet friends at the fair. Over our dozen years of marriage I’ve started to recognize a bit of love for the fair as well, and that’s probably because I love watching my kids get their first glimpses of real life horses, baby pigs, and bunnies. It also helps that Casey is a fan of the fried food and she makes sure we get to try some of it while we’re there.

We went to the Indiana State Fair twice this year and both times were lots of fun. Vivi and Addie got to see the animals and ride some of the rides, and I got to have my annual deep fried potato shavings. Here are a few pictures from our trip to the State Fair:

  • Pictures From Our Trip to the Indiana State Fair 1 of 11

    Click through to see a few photos of our trip to this year's Indiana State Fair.

  • Deep Fried Anything 2 of 11

    The Indiana State Fair is pretty well known for being willing to fry anything, like Pepsi. One year Casey brought her own candy bars and the people at the stands fried those for her.

  • Good Food 3 of 11

    These elephant ears are Casey's favorite. We each have our favorites from the fair. Addie loves the lemon squeezes and the corn on the cob. Vivi loves the ice cream and I love the potato shavings.

  • Little Addie 4 of 11

    Addie is only 8 years old, but she's already a veteran of the Indiana State Fair. Here, she looks like she's just slightly older than what Vivi is now.

  • Pony Ride 5 of 11

    Seeing this picture of Addie riding her first pony was my first indication that my kids were going to grow up with a much more favorable view of the state fair than what I grew up with.

  • The Lights 6 of 11

    I believe this was Vivi's first year going to the fair and she was fascinated with the lights on the rides. She seemed mesmerized by them.

  • Vivi’s First Ride 7 of 11

    We went to the fair on wrist band day where one fee gets the kids on all the rides. This was Vivi's first ever amusement park like ride and she wasn't sure if she liked it at first or not.

  • Patiently Waiting 8 of 11

    Surprisingly, Vivi was very patient as she waited in line for her turn to ride the rides. FYI--she's a huge fan of batman.

  • Scary Sheep 9 of 11

    I took Vivi to see the sheep. Some of the sheep thought Vivi was going to feed them so they would try to lean over the gates towards Vivi and Vivi was terrified of them. I had to carry her sobbing past some of the sheep pens.

  • Pigs 10 of 11

    Vivi preferred the pigs over the sheep, which was weird since several of the pigs were fighting with each other and that's kind of an unsettling noise. 

  • Bunny Meets Bunny 11 of 11

    This was Vivi's favorite part of the fair. She loved walking down the aisle of bunnies so she could introduce her bunny to the real life bunnies at the fair.

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