A Wandering Sleepy Grandpa and Addie’s Shocked Face

Addie learned a little lesson about life as an older married couple this weekend. She has been sleeping in the room known as the office in my parents’ house. Because she goes to bed at about 8:00 PM each night and wakes up well past when my dad heads off to work, she hasn’t seen what the sleeping dynamics are in my parents’ house.

Whenever Addie wakes up back in Indiana and finds Casey or me sleeping in different parts of the house, which is very rare, she knows that it’s either because someone is sick or that her parents are mad at each other.

My parents don’t sleep in the same room, but it’s not because one of them is sick or because they are mad at each other.

My dad is a snorer. Not just a monotone annoying snore, but a “gasping for breath wake up everyone on the same floor” type of snorer. We’ve all heard him snore, because whenever we watch TV with him he falls asleep during all of the commercials. None of us get to hear the commercials because we’re stuck listening to my dad gasping for breath.

What’s funny about my dad and his sleeping habits is that he can be sound asleep during the commercial breaks and appear to be asleep during the first few possessions of a football game and then he can pipe up like he hasn’t missed a thing. Even though he was busy sawing logs with his eyes closed, he’ll know what plays were run while he was out.

My mom struggled to sleep with my dad in the same room for years. She used to go to bed long before my dad went to bed so that she could fall asleep. He’d go to bed an hour or two after she went to bed, which was what brought about mine and my dad’s five year nightly tradition of watching The Dave Letterman Show together.

Once all the kids moved out of the house, my dad found that it was easier to fall asleep in my old room in the basement. He could sleep in comfort without getting kicked by my mom every 30 minutes while being told to roll over. That’s been their nightly routine for the past 10 years or so.

My dad was home this morning when Addie woke up. Addie and I were both in the kitchen eating breakfast when my dad wandered upstairs in his pajamas. He was clearly in a sleepy stupor as he wandered through the kitchen without saying a word.

Addie had a very concerned look on her face as he went through. She then pointed at him and shrugged her shoulders. I told her that grandma and grandpa don’t sleep in the same room and she was shocked. She was so shocked she thought I was lying to her. In her mind every married couple has to sleep in the same room.

Even though Casey and I sleep in the same room and will be sleeping in the same room for a long time to come, I wouldn’t be shocked if we ended up sleeping in different rooms at some point. Not because either of us does anything that annoys the other, but because I don’t know many older couples that do sleep in the same room. It seems to be a part of growing old.

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