Angry Birds Game Gets Physical: A Dad’s Review

Not getting enough Angry Birds action? Try the board game.

OK, maybe not a board game. More like a real-life, physical representation of the original iPhone app game, complete with wooden towers, dastardly pigs and flying birds. I’m not usually one to get behind yet another way for yet another big company to make yet more dough off cross-promotional mixed market media whatevers … but this sounds like fun!

Jonathan Liu over at the amazing Geek Dad blog reviewed the game (please, go check out a great read), and I think I may have found the perfect Christmas present for my daughter. She loves to play the iPhone game and would probably freak out at getting a chance to play in real life. And as a parent who doesn’t let her play video games all that often, I think I can get behind spending more than 99 cents for this version, as I can foresee lots of dad-daughter bonding time or even just endless family game fun.

I had no idea I would be this excited over a game. Wow. But it sort of reminds me of all those times I used to build up Lincoln Log or Lego towers and knock them down with rubber bands and legions of Army Men. Angry Birds the phone game and Angry Birds the physical game seem to have struck some internal chord. Is it a dad thing?

Writes Jonathan:

“Maybe that’s the appeal of Angry Birds, anyway: this deeply-rooted desire to make something crash to the ground by flinging things at it. If that’s the case, it doesn’t really matter whether it’s taking place on a screen or in real life; the moment of impact and the clatter and crash as all the pieces come falling down trigger some sort of Pavlovian response in us, and we’re hooked.”


UPDATE: After seeing this game and writing about it, I was still so excited by the idea that the kid and I spent the evening setting up wooden tower blocks and expertly placing little green fuzz balls to take the place of pigs. For birds, we used red fuzz balls and ultimately switched to Nerf guns for more power. Now, we’re building a catapult. That said, I’d still give this game version a try.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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