Is Your Kid a Superhero?

I was lucky enough to attend the World Premiere of Marvel’s The Avengers in Hollywood earlier this month, and technically I’m not allowed to review the film yet (Update — my review of The Avengers), but I think it safe to say that it is awesome. Also awesome? Samuel L. Jackson giving me the stink eye (click image to enlarge).

Even more awesome? When the newest member of The Avengers, Mark Ruffalo, gave his inspiration for playing the Hulk (yes, there have been two recent Hulk movies, but Ruffalo was not in them). The Avenger said that the Hulk was inspired by his 10-year-old son, which is sweet. I think.

I’ve included a video (below) that I took at the Avengers press conference (also on the panel from left to right: Kevin Feigi/Head of Marvel, Samuel L. Jackson/Nick Fury, Chris Hemsworth/Thor, Robert Downey, Jr./Iron Man, Chris Evans/Captain America, and of course Mark Ruffalo/Hulk) and even though I’m only 15 feet away it is a bit grainy. I took it with my phone, what do you want?

Here is where Mark Ruffalo talks about his son and why he based his portrayal of the Hulk on him. Please note, it contains strong language (no, not “Hulk smash!” which would have been really cool) that is probably considered NSFW by uppity types, namely your boss.

Yes, he just said his son is a monster, but in a very loving way. I get that. I think my oldest would be more likely to play the emo Spider-Man from Spider Man 3: Attack of the Hormones, but with less dancing (seriously what the hell was that?). My youngest knows who he would be:

Obviously, I think my kids are super and heroes for many reasons. But powers would be cool, too.

What superhero do you think your kid most resembles?

Feels like I should add the Avengers trailer here:

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