Ballerinas In the Mist: The Secret To Not Overthinking Parenting Decisions

Little ballerinas.

A card came in the mail the other day advertising our area’s local youth soccer league. Sign-ups are soon and somehow we got on the list, which is pretty cool because I secretly am dying to watch my daughter out on the “pitch” one of these days.

However, having just turned 4, she ends up being just a few months shy of the minimum age for inclusion. No problem, I figured, we’ll hit it next spring.

Plus, to be perfectly open about it all, she’s been talking about wanting to join a dance class. It hasn’t become “Dance Class Rabies” yet, she isn’t exactly foaming at the mouth and nipping at our flesh in her desperate need to boogie, but she has mentioned it on her own a few times and that’s pretty intriguing I think.

Of course, that gets me to wondering about something I’ve never really had to wonder about before.

Is she ready?

Is my sweet fun-loving little toddler with a penchant for playing on her “kid computer” and reading/pretending to read story books out loud and playing castle with her little brother ready for the world of organized activity? She’s adjusted quite well to spending a half-day at preschool 5 days a week, so that says a lot. Right?

But I keep thinking that maybe something like a dance class, even for the youngest of the young, will require a bit more paying attention and diligence and commitment than perhaps she is ready to deal with. I’ve got no real reason to doubt that she would really dig it, but because I’m so new to all of these first choices we make one time apiece as a parent, I’ve also got no reason to believe that she’s ready.

Now, I know I know, you’re muttering to yourself that this guy is over-thinking this thing something fierce, and you’re absolutely right! I am! But, c’mon, it’s our kids we’re talking about and that’s the way a lot of us end up arriving at decisions, right? Remember, I’m totally green here. I’m ready, willing and able to enroll her in something she might just love, but I’m very very green when it comes to deciding whether to do it or not.

I have to be honest though, there is a small part of me that is rather reveling in these moments in time with my daughter where her mom and I each have to make one fairly small decision after another for her. It’s not exactly a power-trip thing (Although, as I even write this, it almost sounds icky like that!), it’s more of this deep appreciation for the gravity of the chess move, if that makes any kind of sense.

It’s like: we’re more or less in charge of steering the destiny of the greatest person we have ever known! That’s pretty heavy when you break it all down, no? I think so.

So, although it certainly isn’t some dire life/death question of immense meaning to the world at large, deciding whether or not to sign your little future ballerina up for her very first dance class when she’s four or when she’s five can seem like the most looming question of all time to the people in charge of answering it, huh?

And I like that.

I like that I found myself on that particular road in my lifetime. You know why? Because it’s awesome, that’s why.

Plus, as far coming up with the answer goes, it’s not that hard, I reckon.

We’ll walk into the studio. She’ll see the other kids dancing. And if her jaw hits the floor and her pretty smile is the amazed kind and her brown eyes grow wide and shining at the sight of the girls in their tutus standing gracefully along the mirrored walls, well … we’ll probably know it’s time to buy that pair of slippers after all.



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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