Batman and Vivi’s Lack of Fascination With Princesses

princessesI don’t know when it happened or why it happened, but when Addie was two years old, she picked up a fascination with princesses. The kid wore princess dress-ups everywhere. She had dress-up outfits for all the Disney princesses by the time she turned three years old. Her room was coated in a layer of princess stuff. The cake for Addie’s third birthday party was made using a Barbie princess, and her favorite music involved princesses singing songs.

Back then we lived around a lot of other kids Addie’s age and I remember a few of them being big into princesses as well, but I don’t think Addie picked up her princess love from any of those other kids. It just seemed to appear out of the blue. One day she was huge into Elmo and Winnie the Pooh, and the next day she was all about crowns and ball gowns.

I tried to get Addie to like boy stuff. I pulled out my box of He-Man figures and He-Man castles hoping she would be in awe of my collection. Addie dug around in the box until she found the He-Man princess figure, and then she said, “Ooh, I like her.” Fail.

Next, I pulled out all my GI Joe stuff with all the cool planes, helicopters, and tanks I had as a kid. I picked up the GI Joe men and had them pretend to shoot each other, but Addie was completely uninterested. The kid didn’t even give my cowboy and Indians set a chance. She was dead set on princesses, and she’s still pretty much in that mindset. (The kid is in love with Elsa from Frozen.)

I expected it to happen the same way with Vivi. My youngest would pick up a fascination with Winnie the Pooh and Elmo and then PRINCESSES! The Elmo fascination happened, but she never really cared for Pooh. She’s a solid fan of Mickey Mouse, and that’s where it has ended.

Princesses? Not really.

In fact, the kid’s desire to have anything to do with princesses has been so small that she got a Batman toy-set for Christmas — which I think is awesome, by the way. Why the Batman play-set? Vivi got a Batman shirt almost a year ago, and the kid has a deep love for that shirt.

That's Batman and Bane asleep together in the top floor of a doll house.
That’s Batman and Bane asleep together in the top floor of a doll house and Joker is in the crib next to them.

Vivi spends her days putting Batman and Bane to bed. You see, in Vivi’s mind Batman, Bane, and the Joker are all friends, and they live together in Batman’s weird prison house. Batman and Bane even share a room. Vivi’s love for Batman runs so deep that she even rocks him to sleep before she lays him down on a bed that she pulled from a dollhouse and placed in the Batman prison for Batman and Bane to share.

I just may have the most awesome mix of toddlers to ever be created.

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