Batman & The Princess: Pictures of Dads and Kids Together In Their Halloween Costumes

This picture kind of says it all.

There’s a window of about twelve years, give or take a year, when dads have the opportunity to head out for trick-or-treat patrol.

After that, the kids hit an age when they aren’t necessarily interested in you tagging along anymore. And shortly after that, they stop trick-or-treating themselves. So, that’s that. It’d be easy to say that we’re too tired from the work day to tag along. Heck for a lot of us, that’s what we grew up with.

But that’s just BS, man.

Hitting the street with your kid or kids is something that you cannot and mustn’t ever look at as some sort of favor to them, or as some kind of obligation that you have to begrudgingly fulfill.

Oh no no no.

On the contrary, being by our kid’s sides on a night like Halloween is a real gift from them to us, if you ask me. They are handing us a bucket load of our youth back, if just for a night.

Plus, they are reserving at least a few brand new memories for us to keep for the rest of our days.

With that in mind, let’s pay a little tribute to the the dads who go that extra mile…getting dressed up themselves in the spirit of the evening and donning a costume so that their kids don’t just get to have dad with them for security, but also a really tall partner in everything from the knocking on neighborhood doors to yelling,”Trick-or-Treat!,” when it finally swings open.

So, here’s to all those dads who help to¬† make sure that Halloween i9s one of the best nights of the year, year in and year out.

  • The Halloween Spirit 1 of 12
    The Halloween Spirit
    Kid's eyes go wide in awe when they see their parents appear in a costume. For us dads, this is a time to get them to recognize that we really want to have fun too, right there beside them.
  • Costumes 2 of 12
    Dads don't have to spend weeks creating a special costume for Halloween. Unless, of course, they really want to. Either way, kids are just happy to have an extra special ghoul or super hero to hang out with.
  • Family Affair 3 of 12
    Family Affair
    If the whole family can agree on a theme, well, all the better. Because the family that schemes together, dreams together. And that, my friend, is just plain cool.
  • Years From Now 4 of 12
    Years From Now
    Someday, when your little ones are grown up, Halloween will be a time when they remember vividly how super awesome their daddy was every year, when he dressed up along with them, and went out to trick-or-treat beside them without fail.
  • Big daddy 5 of 12
    Big daddy
    Sometimes, one dad might find himself in charge of a whole bunch of trick-or-treaters from the neighborhood. If that happens...consider yourself The King of Halloween!
  • The Picture Lottery 6 of 12
    The Picture Lottery
    Years and years from now, pictures of you with your kids, all of you in your Halloween costumes, will be like winning lottery tickets to them.
  • Here’s Proof! 7 of 12
    Here's Proof!
    See, it's hard to tell if this pop was dressed up in a costume or if he was just a smooth cowboy every single day. But this picture rules, and I'll bet his little girl is ecstatic to have it.
  • Batman and The Princess 8 of 12
    Batman and The Princess
    Halloween is our chance as dads to help create a really great night for the people we love best in this world. This shot captures everything I'm trying to show you. And then some.
  • It Runs In The Family 9 of 12
    It Runs In The Family
    Hey, if you and your kids share a love for the macabre or the fantastical or the magic or even for a certain cartoon, then Halloween will always be a night for the two of you to share. So, don't miss out on it.
  • May The Force Be With You 10 of 12
    May The Force Be With You
    Obviously, kids love having their daddy with them on Halloween. But guys, just remember, that deep love and admiration might not extend to the post trick-or-treating candy piles.
  • Best Night Ever 11 of 12
    Best Night Ever
    Getting ready to head out with your child on Halloween night is exciting. Watching them get dressed up and seeing them so eager to hit the candy streets is a once-a-year chance at the best night EVER.
  • Under His Cape 12 of 12
    Under His Cape
    Dads who dress up and tag along on Halloween night are a special breed, I say. So, give it a try this year.




Article Posted 4 years Ago

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