Best Dad Ad Ever?

Robinsons Pal AdvertI admit that I had never heard of Robinsons, a British company that makes an orange drink, which, according to my English friends, is quite good, prior to their new advert, but they have won me over, and quickly. No, I haven’t tried their product(s), and yes, I am totally aware that I fell for it. I’m okay with that.

Well played, Robinsons marketing team.

The ad is called “Pals” and thanks to the magic of Facebook it is kicking parents, specifically fathers, square in the heartstrings.

My thoughts on its message can be found below:


Need a tissue?

The Robinsons “Pals” ad is wonderful in its sweetness, and as a dad it gets me right in the heart and also the gut (heut? gurt?). The story of father and son bonding on this scale feeds my melancholy nature and simultaneously makes me want to be best pals forever with my boys while also regretting that my own father and I weren’t JUST LIKE THIS. That’s a good commercial.

However, and this is my critique of the message that I warned you about earlier, the closing text stating that “It’s good to be a dad, it’s better to be a friend,” is, in my humble opinion, not entirely true. Sure, being a friend is a lot of fun, and I relish every moment my boys and I are lost in play and silliness, but being a dad, in my experience, is the more important part of that equation.

Dads (and parents in general) are there to do the grunt work of instilling values, structure, and responsibility, only some of which can be taught by throwing rocks. Friends don’t put a roof over your head. It seems to me that a better message might be, “It’s good to be a friend, but it’s better to be a dad.” Also, “No added sugar!”

That said, it is a very moving commercial and unlike much of current media it actually portrays fathers in a loving, positive light, and that more than makes up for any quibbles I may have with the semantics involved.

What do you think, is this the best dad ad ever?



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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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