9 Best Pixar Spots at the Disneyland Resort

Tow Mater If you have a heart and access to a movie theater/television set, then chances are you love the movies made by Pixar. You’re only human. As an added bonus, if you’re a human that is planning a family vacation at the Disneyland Resort (Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks, plus the Downtown Disney entertainment area) in Anaheim, CA, then you can combine your love of Pixar with the love you have for said family. That’s a classic win-win, people.

The Disneyland Resort mixes a lot of Pixar magic with the traditional mouse variety, and the results are amazing fun for the whole family. You might say it is Incredibles — but be prepared for weird looks from those that can’t comprehend your level of comedic genius. Don’t worry, I get you.

You can also be prepared by using the Mobile Magic app from Disney Parks and Verizon. The Mobile Magic app will help you find your favorite characters for photo and autograph opportunities as well as updates on wait time for the various rides and shows on your itinerary. It’s like your own personal piece of magic — the kind that saves time.

And on that note, here are my favorite Pixar-inspired spots for great family fun on your Disneyland Resort vacation:

  • 9. Monsters, Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue! 1 of 11
    9. Monsters, Inc. Mike and Sulley to the Rescue!
    This relatively new spin on a classic dark ride takes visitors through the world of everyone's favorite monsters. No height restrictions! (DCA)
  • 8. Redwood Creek Challenge Trail 2 of 11
    8. Redwood Creek Challenge Trail
    This area is a family favorite. Our boys love earning their Wilderness Explorer badges with the cast of Pixar's UP — and it's a great place to burn off some energy! The rope course is all ages/heights, but the rock wall and zip line have restrictions. (DCA)
  • 7. A Bug’s Land 3 of 11
    7. A Bug's Land
    This picture is actually from a promotion Disneyland ran a few years ago where they placed posters of Disney characters all around the resort. The posters were made by tiny photos of guests, and my wife is pointing at a picture of our oldest son. Bug's Land is great for bugs of all ages and the film "Tough to be Bug" is a must-see/smell/feel — although it can be a bit scary for some guests. (DCA)
  • 6. Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage 4 of 11
    6. Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
    This ride is pretty long and therefore the queue is rather slow. Try to visit Nemo and friends first thing in the morning or during parades when ride lines tend to run shorter. Fun for all ages! (DL)
  • 5. Pixar Play Parade 5 of 11
    5. Pixar Play Parade
    All of your favorite Pixar characters are out for a fun-filled parade. You may get wet! (DCA)
  • 4. Turtle Talk With Crush 6 of 11
    4. Turtle Talk With Crush
    I couldn't find our picture of Turtle Talk, so here is my mom and my son Atticus sitting on turtles (which he called "dudes" for years). The actual show is more interactive and righteous! Righteous! (DCA)
  • 3. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters 7 of 11
    3. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters
    Astro Blasters has a queue that moves quickly and is one of the few rides in any theme park that provides a free photo from the experience (you email it to yourself). It's an interactive competition against the toy next to you — or in this case, your brother. (DL)
  • 2. Toy Story Midway Mania 8 of 11
    2. Toy Story Midway Mania
    This is where the app comes in handy — Toy Story Mania doesn't have a Fastpass, but it really, really, really needs it. Really needs it. However, despite the line, the ride is worth it. Interactive fun! (DCA)
  • 1. Cars Land 9 of 11
    1. Cars Land
    Cars Land is Pixar and Disney at their best. The entire land is tons of fun for the entire family, but Radiator Springs Racers is the Piston Cup of theme park rides. Get a Fastpass and ride it twice! (DCA)
  • Honorable mention: Woody’s Halloween Round-up 10 of 11
    Honorable mention: Woody's Halloween Round-up
    The Big Thunder Ranch turns into Woody's Halloween Round-up in the fall (not sure if it will be back this year, check your app!). It's a bunch of cowboy/seasonal fun and activities for the little cowpokes. (DL)
  • Honorable mention: Meet Merida/Highland Games 11 of 11
    Honorable mention: Meet Merida/Highland Games
    Merida of Pixar's latest hit film, Brave has a "meet and greet" just outside the Small World ride where guests can participate in Highland Games while waiting to shake the hand of the princess/choose their own fate. (DL)

DCA = Disney California Adventure Park
DL = Disneyland Park

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