Boys and Their Fathers: 11 Stunning Combined Portraits

Photographer Craig Gibson’s project, Boys and Their Fathers, is making some waves in cyberspace lately and it’s no wonder.

The series of  individual and combined portraits is a thoughtful, playful look at dads and their sons in which the artist uses both individual portraits and then a combined portrait steeped in artistic license to suggest that their is real magic in our bloodlines.

Any viewer checking out the shots will quickly get caught up in trying to connect the seemingly endless dots that Glasgow, Scotland-based Gibson presents to us when he shows us just how incredibly similar many parents and their child are, both physically and beyond.

I say ‘beyond’ because much of what impresses me about these pics is that once you are done noticing how exactly alike nose shapes and hairlines and jaw angles can be, you end up moving on, almost unconsciously, to noticing the understated similarities in how many fathers and sons seem to have similar expressions: ever-so-slight smirks; the way their eyes squint just so when they are having their picture taken; the same young eyes glowing brightly in a son’s portrait still glowing years later in his father’s.

In a lot of ways I think Boys and Their Fathers is a masterful peek at the wonder of genetics and the rushing, powerful surge of family blood that runs through each of our veins, no matter who we are or where we come from.

We are all so individual, Gibson seems to tell us, we are all so very much ourselves.

And yet, we are all just a chip off of the old block, aren’t we?

Check it out for yourself…

  • Boys and Their Fathers 1 of 12
  • Like Father, Like Son 2 of 12

    No mistaking these guys as close relatives, huh?

    Image: Craig Gibson

  • Two of a Kind 3 of 12

    Amazing, the similarities. Even in their unique poise before the camera there is major likeness.

    Image: Craig Gibson

  • Family Man 4 of 12

    I look at this and my jaw drops. The combined portrait is simply perfect in all the right ways.

    Image: Craig Gibson

  • Blood is Thicker Than Water 5 of 12

    Hard to see the same magical father/son likeness in this one, eh? (Sarcasm)

    Image: Craig Gibson

  • We Are Family 6 of 12

    I like the quiet dignity here. I like that it comes to me and stands out so much after I notice all of the other uncanny similarities.

    Image: Craig Gibson

  • Chin Up 7 of 12

    Just the way these two fellows hold their heads, the way they keep their chin gives away their strong bond, don't you think?

    Image: Craig Gibson

  • Chip Off the Old Block 8 of 12

    Oh man. That combined image is insanely cool. These fellows are so related.

    Image: Craig Gibson

  • It’s All In The Eyes 9 of 12

    The more you look at some of these, the more you see.

    Image: Craig Gibson

  • Can You See It? 10 of 12

    Look closely. Can you see it? Can you see what defines them as father and son? Or is it not always something we can see no matter how hard we try?

    Image: Craig Gibson

  • One and the Same 11 of 12

    So many similarities, so many physical likenesses. And so many non-physical subtleties, too, if you look close enough.

    Image: Craig Gibson

  • Young and Old 12 of 12

     Special thanks to the artist/photographer Craig Gibson for taking us all to a very, very cool place.

    Images:Craig Gibson


*All images used with the express permission of the photographer, Craig Gibson.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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