BUSTED!: Million Dollar Deadbeat Dad Captured

Deadbeat dads suck.

Robert Sand was one of “those guys”; the kind of guy who ran and hid halfway across the world to avoid paying child support.

But, like they always say… you can run but you cannot hide.

This past week, Sand, 50, was nabbed by authorities in the Philippines after 10 years of life underground and according to a New York Post piece, the capture of the former Long Island, New York father of two kids by an American women and one in Thailand spells an end to the search for the #1 deadbeat dad on the US books.

It seems that after Sand fled first to Florida, he headed to Thailand about a decade ago in order to avoid paying court-ordered alimony payments of $750 a week ($375 per child) after he divorced his first wife. Prior to his international flight, he had run a very successful car auction on Long Island.

So, just how much money to a guy have to owe in order to make it as the Unenviable King of Deadbeats? Try 1.2 million, yes MILLION, dollars.

Still, it isn’t really the money that matters as much as the fact that this guy apparently left his two children behind and never ever made any efforts to help them in this world. And then, he allegedly went to Thailand, sired another child, and left that one in the lurch as well.

So, it’s kind of cool to imagine Robert Sand having Christmas in a jail cell this year instead of sitting around the dinner table with his children somewhere.

You reap what you sow, deadbeats. You reap what you sow.

Info source: The New York Post



Article Posted 4 years Ago

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