Capri Sun Commercial Glorifies Girl Dare-Devilism

It’s going to be difficult to talk about this amazing commercial without actually showing it, but I searched and searched and searched and, alas, nada. Nothing. Zilch. Zip Zero.

Still, you may have already seen it, so I invite you to delight in all its glory … even if you haven’t.

It’s a simple, short commercial for Capri Sun, and it shows a young girl building some type of flying bike … thing. She’s on the edge of a small cliff and it’s obvious she’s about to just chuck caution to the wind and go for it. I love this. I smile every time I see it.

If I’m going to rail against craptacular marketing toward our young girls, I need to also call attention to some gems, and Capri Sun really hit it out of the park with this one. Here’s why. It hits so many levels of perfection. First, there’s the girl in the lead role, while the boy looks on from below. How many times have you seen commercials where the opposite is true? Perhaps all the time. Then there’s the idea that the girl engineered up this flying contraption that would make Da Vinci look on and say, “Sweet!”

But wait, in commercial parlance, there’s more!

Just before the girl launches off the cliff, the ad shows a woman that is probably her mother. Now, most parents in today’s bubble wrap society would probably be sprinting toward the flying bike, screaming at the poor girl to get off the thing and go wipe her hands with Purell. This commercial mom just gives a perfect, sardonic little smile, as if to say, “What have I raised?” There’s no fear, no doom and gloom — just an eyeroll that says, “Crap, I’ll probably be back at the ER again today.” And she’s perfectly OK with that.

I love everything about this commercial and wish it could be on all the time. I’m a believer that all the images in TV ads, movies, magazines, billboards, cell phones — you name it — add up and send a constant deluge of messages that little girls are less, that they should only focus on appearance, and no matter how much, as a parent, you talk about this stuff with your kids, there’s still got to be some drip that sinks in. So kudos to Capri Sun for taking the opposite route and letting girls be kids, too. I love the message this sends to boys and girls, especially considering I probably built that same stupid bike when I was younger.

Now, is this enough to make me go out and buy Capri Sun? No, of course not. No self-respecting yuppified Type A granolaganic parent would let their kids close to the radioactivity of high fructose corn syrup in these things — despite the fact they probably drank them for post-sports snack with a Twinkie or a Ho-Ho at one point and turned out fine themselves. (The “MomSense” portion of the Capri Sun web site is also annoying — do dads not also have brains small enough to feed their kids sugary drinks in the morning?)

But still, attention should be paid to this gem of a commercial. I really wish more companies would take note.

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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