Kids, Rugs, and the Areas They Share

home-depot-rugsWe spent a long time in Home Depot looking at different rugs and hiding in them. If you are unfamiliar, many of the rugs in Home Depot hang from a series of panels that turn open like a giant book, and as such there is ample room for mystery. I am going to go out on a limb and guess that such things are frowned upon, but it kept two little boys entertained for a good hour while my wife and I discussed purchasing points like thickness, durability, pattern, placement, and the most important factor to consider when buying a rug, the ability to conceal the prints of foot and paw. We have a menagerie of docile pets and wild boys, and they leave their trails behind them.

The thing about buying area rugs is that the area is just as important as the rug. Sure, that sounds obvious, but is it? Is it really?

After much of this and that we pulled our children from the confines of their carpet caverns and made our purchase. We went with a large, dark area rug covered in simple, bright flowers, that we believe will absorb the abuse of our bustling living room, and provide the camouflage required by the leavings of unforgiving traffic. Also, it is really pretty.

buying area rug

We took the rug home, hired a couple of guys (above) to carry it into the house, and unrolled it to its full potential. And then we placed books upon the corners to make it stay that way. It’s a temporary fix, and maybe there’s an app for that, but we’re book people and we like it. So there. It will stay flat in a couple of days and George R. R. Martin need never know (although I’m sure he suspects, those books are thick!).

Next up: The traffic test.


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