Changing a Baby’s Diaper Without the Use of Wrestling Techniques

There was a point where changing Vivi’s diaper became a very difficult undertaking.

That fear of touching poo is a big one—at least for me. Once it became really difficult to change Vivi’s diapers, that fear of touching poo changed from a fear that something could might possible happen, to it “will definitely happen guaranteed so bring your surgical gloves, drop-cloth, Lysol, and safety mask” scenario.

Here’s how the process of changing Vivi went once she became mobile.  One of us would smell the invisible force-field of poo scent that surrounded our youngest child. Then one of us would chase Vivi down kicking and screaming because we were interrupting her very strict schedule of aimlessly wandering around the house. Addie would be sent upstairs for a new diaper and the parent who was not wrangling Vivi would grab the wipes.

Once Vivi was on the floor she would remain relatively motionless. We would unsnap her pants and unfasten her diaper. I don’t know if it was the sensation of the cool air hitting her bum that made her do this EVERY TIME, but as soon as the diaper was unfastened Vivi would straighten her legs, lift herself up on her shoulders and roll.

This left Vivi’s poo filled diaper rolling off to the side and her naked poopy butt staring at whoever had the pleasure of changing her. Wrangling the kid back to the floor so her butt could be cleaned proved to be nearly impossible. It either involved Casey or me physically pinning Vivi to the floor or Addie desperately searching for any toys that might keep Vivi preoccupied so we could finish changing her diaper.

This was one of the problems I was so worried about when Casey and Addie went to Chicago for a weekend. Nobody would be there with me to help me change Vivian’s diaper. NO ONE.

I decided to do the only thing I could do—I taught Vivi how to have her diaper changed.

I’m not entirely sure why she even decided to listen to me, but she did.  I would show her a diaper and ask her to lay down on the floor. After only a few times of asking her to lay down, Vivi would walk over to me and randomly lay on the floor. She didn’t always end up with her feet facing me or within five feet of me, but she laid down every time and her changing problems vanished.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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