A Simple Post of Substance

Words like “brave” and “honest” tend to get thrown around a lot on the internet. Hyperbole piles like so much litter along the information highway and meanings have become lost and blurry. Reality blends between shades of contrived grays, and creativity that once packed punch has become sterile and relabeled as “content.”

Not your stuff, of course. You’ve still got game.

And then, just when you thought the internet had grown bland and in desperate need of salt, something raw appears, something beautiful and free from irony, and through the lens of perspective a balance is forged and courses once askew appear clear and rightened. It is the power of a perfect post — what it can and strives to be, and suddenly there aren’t enough words in the thesaurus to say what has already been said with candid emotion and graceful humility. All you can do is nod and start scrolling through the comments.

The post was written by popular dad blogger Didactic Pirate (not his real name), and it was a lifetime in the making. It is about coming to terms with the definition of self, the pursuit of basic happiness, and the strength of friends and family. It is about a man, a husband and a father in his 4os, and his facing the fact that he is gay. The post was, admits the author, hard to write, but it is tender to read and deserving of your attention.

I’ve exchanged a handful of emails with Didactic Pirate over the past few days, trying to gauge how best to show my support for his courage, his struggle, his feelings, and his family. I wanted to find a way to expose his meeting of words and wonder, showcase the depth of the dad community, and shout across the internet that this is what blogging was meant to be, but I believe the best I can do is just ask you to read it. It is brave and it is honest, and perhaps those words are not used enough.

Go visit The Didactic Pirate. You’ll be glad that you did.

UPDATED: The story of how he shared the news with his 10-year-old daughter is tear-inducing beautiful.


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