Crappy Timing: The Last Minute Christmas List

listsChristmas lists around here are written months before Santa comes down the chimney with all his gifts ready to be laid under the tree. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Addie begins thinking of her on Christmas night for the following Christmas. It’s that serious and intense.

As her parents, we always attempt to keep Addie’s Christmas list under control, almost in a “You’ll shoot your eye out!” kind of a way.  The gifts that make it all the way to December are usually pretty manageable and we try to make sure that most of what’s on the Christmas list makes it under the tree.

I’ve always been a big proponent of adding items to the Christmas list to surprise the kids. When I was young, I always loved walking into the family room and seeing all kinds of presents stacked throughout the room. There were always some rather big presents that were completely unexpected and I want my kids to experience that same excitement of opening the biggest box under the tree and being totally shocked.

Two years ago, we surprised Addie with a bike under the tree and Vivi got a baby walker. Addie has also been surprised during past holidays with a kitchen set and a child’s play house.

Presents-wise, we’ve got this thing under control.

But what happens when the surprise comes from the other end and the kid adds something completely unexpected to Santa’s list the day before Christmas?

I don’t know what the answer to that question is, but I’ll have an answer after this year’s Christmas Eve. Addie decided to add a Barbie Dream House to her list.  And I didn’t anticipate that extra addition. She doesn’t play with her Barbies anymore and she’s never raised an interest in any kind of doll house to us, but that didn’t stop her from adding the Dream House and telling everyone that’s what she wanted for Christmas.

Unfortunately for her, Santa has already done all of his toy making for the year. Addie is going to open her presents in the morning and she’s not going to find her new request under the tree and we’re going to have to think of a way to explain why Santa didn’t come through with her last minute Christmas wish.

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