Dad Selling Autograph Collection To Help Ailing Daughter

Signatures for sale.

Often times, serious collectors of things, of stamps or baseball cards or tiny spoons with the states names on them, they find themselves with a roomful of stuff, of memories that they couldn’t imagine selling off.

But, then again, sometimes those collections amassed over years, or even decades of obsessing and constant hunting, just might help save a life.

At least, that is what Florida father, Ken Kallin, is hoping will happen, according to an article over at The Huffington Post today.

See, Kallin, 67, plans to auction off his 30-plus year collection of autographs this by weekend, all to raise funds to help his daughter, Julie Susi, 43, who suffers from what the Post describes as,”…mixed connective tissue disorder, or MCTD, which shares features with lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.”

Knowing that his daughter is in almost constant pain and that her bones are weak to the point of brittle has to be an almost impossible pill to swallow for any father. But, in this case, Mr. Kallin intends to do all he can to help offset his daughter’s medical insurance and deductible bills, which have taken a hard toll on her family’s financial state. And he’s planning on doing it with the help of everyone from Bette Davis (his very first autograph in 1980) to Michael Jackson to Julia Child, the famous people whose signatures he has painstakingly sought out down through the last three decades.

The grand collection, which will be auctioned off by J. Sugarman Auction Corp from the Fort Lauderdale area, is comprised of “more than 680 antique books; 7,300 or more contemporary books; about 1,430 letters; over 22,520 photos and some 60,740 trading cards all autographed,” according to the Huff Post.

It is described as “… a hall of fame caliber collection,” by collector and dealer, Neil Whiteley-Ross, of Bristol Collectibles,”…a once in a lifetime collection that needs to be seen by everyone.”

Advance estimates of what the collection could ultimately bring in vary, of course, but with some predicting that Kallin could raise as much as 4.5 million dollars, this is bound to be remembered as one awesome gift from a dad to his daughter in need.


Info: The Huffington Post


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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