Daddy Daughter Date to the Ice Cream Shop

date1`I used to get really excited for my trips to the local JB’s Restaurant because that place had the best ice cream sundae bar. My family didn’t go to JB’s very often. There were other restaurants in our small town that served better food, but none of those restaurants’ ice cream Sunday bars could compare to JB’s.

Twice a year my dad and I would go to a bi-annual church meeting that was always followed by a trip to JB’s for ice cream. It unofficially became our restaurant — at least I always considered it to be our restaurant, who knows if my sisters had a similar arrangement with my dad that I wasn’t aware of.

Those ice cream trips are fond memories that I have with my father. They rate right up there with our many basketball games in the front driveway, and they are memories I hope my daughters get to create with me.

At some point, when I was tucked away in the law school library long after my trips to the local JB’s with my dad ended, I decided I needed to make sure I went on regular a regular daddy daughter date with Addie, who was three years-old at the time. Vivi hadn’t been born yet, so those daddy-daughter dates would just be between me and Addie.

Once a month Addie and I would jump in the car and leave Casey at home as we traveled to the local Cold Stone for ice cream. After my experiences with my father, there wasn’t any other choice, our dates had to be for ice cream. Addie would always order chocolate with blue and white sprinkles, and I would always order sweet cream with M&M’s. Once we were done we would head over to the mall so Addie could play in the mall’s playground, and sometimes we’d just head to a park or an indoor playground.

After law school was over and we were all living comfortably in our new house with a much more laid back schedule, our daddy-daughter dates faded and became a thing of the past. We didn’t go on regular dates anymore.  Instead, two or three times a year I would surprise Addie with dinner and a movie at the local movie theater. While we both enjoyed our visits to the movie theater, it’s not quite the same as our regular visits to Cold Stone.

Hoping to recapture some of the magic of our daddy-daughter dates to Cold Stone, I took Vivi on her first ever daddy-daughter date for ice cream. We sat there and shared our cup of ice cream followed by a very sugar-filled Vivi running around the ice cream shop with her feet traveling at a much faster pace than what her mind could control.

Hopefully Vivi and I can add Addie to the mix and make these daddy-daughter dates a regular thing again.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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