Dads on the Roles and Perception of Dads

Whit Honea and Doug FlutieI just returned from New York, which was fantastic, and I would like to take a minute to extend my thoughts to everyone living within the reach of the approaching storm. Please stay safe!

My quick trip to New York City was part of a continuing conversation between the Dad 2.0 Summit, which will once again bring together some of the best and brightest dad bloggers from the internet for a conference this coming January, and the people at Dove Men+Care, who have taken their passion for fatherhood beyond the campaign and into the dialogue of men and action.

Those men of action included a gathering of invited dad bloggers from around the country, and together we spent a few hours at MetLife Stadium, touring the amazing facilities (the Commissioner’s Club is one of the swankiest lounges that I have ever been in, which is saying something, and guests apparently show up to games in ballroom gowns and fancy suits, none of which I have ever worn to watch football), catching up on blogs and families, and discussing our respective travel plans ahead of “Frankenstorm” which was fast approaching. Then we sat down to talk with legendary quarterback Doug Flutie, just one impressive arm of Dove Men+Care’s Journey to Comfort—you know, the one about being comfortable in your own skin, which it turns out, fathers are.

The chat was facilitated by Doug French, who is one of the main guys at Dad 2.0 (you may know him from his Babble Voices blog The Turbid Spume), and the entire conversation was live-streamed because we’re nothing if not internet savvy.

Doug Flutie and Doug French

It was an honest and open discussion in which both Dougs, the assorted dads, and Dove Men+Care’s Rob Candelino shared thoughts and questions on the role of fatherhood, the way it has changed and evolved with the current generation, how we are portrayed in the media, and what we can do to play the positive forward. For the record, soap wasn’t mentioned once (although we did receive a bunch of body wash in our swag bags, which is nice).

I suppose that there are a number of spins I could put on the experience, but the biggest takeaway I had was a reaffirmation of something I already believed, that fathers are active, involved, and not the bumbling idiots that TV likes to say we are. Also, standing on the 50 yard line of an NFL stadium is really cool.

Doug Flutie and Dads

While I attended this event as a guest of Dad 2.0 and Dove Men+Care, I was not required to write about the event, but I wanted to. You know how I do.

Photo of Whit Honea and Doug Flutie by Jon Armstrong

Photo of Doug French and Doug Flutie courtesy of Doug French

Group photo by AP Photography

Whit HoneaRead more from Whit Honea at his site Honea Express and the popular group blog DadCentric. You can follow Whit on the Twitter or Pinterest (his opinions are his own and do not reflect those of Babble or most rational people).



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