Disney Cruise Line Secrets!

Disney Cruise Line has a secret, and I’m not talking about the fact that Disney Vacation Club members can use points for cruises, although that is pretty awesome in its own right. No, I’m talking about the fact that there are a number of little things you can do to add even more of a personal spin to your Disney Cruise Line vacation, and they are fun and easy!

For instance, one of the coolest ways to get autographs from all of the Disney characters sailing on the ship (without spending half of your cruise looking for them) is to bring an item of your choice and some markers (the more colors the merrier) that you can drop off with Guest Services after boarding, and it will be returned to you, covered in signatures, before the trip is done. The most popular items for this are white t-shirts and pillowcases, but it’s okay to get creative and bring a hat, border matte for a frame (coupled with your Disney Cruise photos makes an incredible souvenir!), and anything else that you would like autographed by Captain Mickey and friends.

Another popular thing to do, which you will notice almost immediately, is decorating the door to your cabin. The Internet is full of examples and how-to guides for making Disney-inspired decorations specific to the ship doors. There are also workshops on the cruise where you can make your own hangers for door decorating. Note: Magnets are the only adhesive allowed on the doors.

We recently sailed with Disney through the Western Caribbean, and the examples above are, by far, the two most popular Disney Cruise Line secrets, but there are more floating around out there. Unfortunately, we were unaware that such things existed prior to the cruise, and while I cannot imagine our family vacation being any better than it was (aside from not getting the stomach bug that ran through all of us), it really looked like a lot of fun, and that’s what it is all about. We will definitely do both on our next Disney cruise!

Do you know any Disney Cruise Line secrets?

Photos courtesy of the wonderful Sami Cone and her equally wonderful family. We met them on the cruise, and they knew the Disney Cruise Line secrets! Follow Sami Cone on Twitter for more family fun!

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My family and I were the very grateful guests of Disney Cruise Lines on the voyage outlined above. All opinions are my own unless otherwise noted.

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