Disney Storytime App: Which Stories Inspire You?

Disney reading appMy youngest son is 7 years old and he loves to read. He’s very good at it. However, reading is quickly losing its status as his default pastime. Video games are making a play for his attentions, and he is entertaining all options. Needless to say, there have been some struggles.

Enter Disney Storytime, a new app for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad available on iTunes ($1.99) that bridges the two sides nicely. Disney Storytime offers the largest collection of Disney stories ever assembled in one app, and that means kids can read about all of their favorite characters as they enjoy new adventures.

In addition, children are able to create their own avatar and record their own voice, which puts a nice personal touch on their expanding Bookshelf.

Disney Storytime app

The app is full of fun animation and original songs. It comes with three stories, and additional titles can be purchased using their safe credits system.

It’s a fairly interactive reading experience that allows children to combine the world of mobile devices with that of reading—it’s pretty win-win.

However, my family doesn’t let the interactive stop there. No, that would be too easy! The fun thing about the stories on Disney Storytime is that it encourages kids to think outside of the box in terms of the characters. For example, one of the stories is about Abu from Aladdin going on his own adventure, which implies that he has had other adventures that didn’t make it to the movie, and those need to be told. Who better to tell them then our kids?

See what I’m doing here?

The possibilities are endless: The Aristocats might encourage a new play in the living room theater featuring the family pet (watch for claws); The Incredibles may inspire a Mother’s Day activity; Wall-E could make trips to the recycling bin a lot more fun… kids come up with amazing stuff, and Disney Storytime offers a family-friendly, educational springboard into their pool of imagination.

Which stories inspire you?


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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