Last Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas: A Plea for Help

halloween-costume-jediIt is almost Halloween. Part of me feels like it should be over, seeing as we already had the best Halloween that money can buy when we visited Disneyland about a month ago (still have tons of candy), and another part of me feels like the holiday season should be months away since the current forecast calls for 85 degrees well into next week.

I have had worse problems.

For instance, we are going to a Halloween party tomorrow, and while the boys have their respective Jedi costumes, I have nothing. I was hoping to do something that paired nicely with them, but a long week of work and a quick trip to New York (from which I just returned two hours ago) has prevented me from exercising my creative cleverness (or what passes for it).

I suppose I could buy something, but I’m more about the organic process of DIY costumes, by which I mean I’m cheap.

That said, here are the options that I have come up with thus far:

A Jedi — the boys are Jedi, so I could do it, too. However, I don’t have a robe of any sort (Jedi or bath), which is also why I can’t dress as The Dude.

Han Solo — I could do this one pretty easily, especially since vests are back in style and this costume would give me an excuse to add one to my wardrobe.

Princess Leia — While this might seem like something my wife should wear, I think I could pull it off. Of course I am talking about the white gown and cinnamon roll hair, not the brass bikini. I cannot stress the latter enough.

The Emperor — See, robe.

Doctor Who — Granted, he’s not from the Star Wars universe, but he can travel to any planet at any time, so maybe he just hasn’t been to that galaxy far, far away yet. All I would need for this is a fez, because fezzes are cool (I already have the bow tie, also cool).

House, MD — People have told me that I resemble Hugh Laurie and I have chosen to take that as a compliment. All I would need for this is a cane, and no, this isn’t related to the theme, but it’s easy.

Eddie Money — All this costume needs is two tickets to paradise. And hair.

I am open to ideas and suggestions. I know it is late and you may not get them in before the party, but I’ll need something for Halloween night, too. Help a costume out!



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