Dying Dad Leaves Beautiful Message for His Daughter (VIDEO)

Nick and Austyn Magnotti
Nick and Austyn Magnotti

Regardless of where you stand on the religion thing or whether or not you wish to contemplate the existence of God, one thing remains certain. In a few moments, when you watch 27-year-old Nick Magnotti’s final video message to his 11-month-old baby daughter Austyn, you will be moved to tears.

Because of the words Nick says. Because of the courage he shows and the calm, collected look on his face in the face of the inevitable. Because these stories remind us of the fleeting awesomeness of life and how quickly it can all disappear.

And because there is a moment, just 17 seconds into the 6 minute video that the young father created as a final goodbye to his child, when Austyn is handed to Nick and his face lights up in a way that any person (parent or not) will feel deep down in the basement of their heart.

According to a piece over at The Stir, at the age of 24 Nick Magnotti was diagnosed with a rare Stage 4 cancer of the appendix. He battled against the disease for 3 years until this winter, when the fight became too much. He died on January 7, 2014.

Yet, simply by watching the video, it is undeniably powerful to see a man whose personal religious faith and overwhelming love for his family have given him an almost tangible aura of peace and and acceptance in the face of such a devastating sentence.

No matter what your own viewpoints are, or what you do or do not believe.

In the opening moments, Nick’s wife is behind the camera and she asks,”What word would you use to describe how you feel right now?”

His answer, despite the reality of his situation, despite the fact that I am not even a religious man myself, says one heck of a lot about the man and the dad Nick Magnotti was … and will always be.

Just watch.


Video: YouTube/Alyssa Magnotti

Info: The Stir, Christian Post



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