Easter Traditions: We’re Still Working on Them

easterIt’s Easter time, which is one of my favorite times of the year. It means spring has either arrived or it is right around the corner. It also means that kites can come out of the closet and golf courses are beginning to open their doors. But what I like the most about Easter time is that I get a whole week of pretty much all I can eat boiled eggs.

I have a lot of good memories of Easter from when I was a kid. After all of the kids were in bed, my parents would pull out the bowl of colored Easter eggs that we had spent the day coloring and they’d hide them throughout our house. The eggs were usually all hidden in the same spots where they’d be pretty easily spotted. My parents were terrified that an egg wouldn’t get found and our house would smell like a rotten egg for the rest of its existence. And, surprisingly, none of us ever got food poisoning from the eggs that sat out in the house for hours until they were found.

My parents also hid Easter baskets throughout the house. Those baskets were always better hidden than the eggs, but my parents really only knew about three or four hiding spots in the house, so we knew where to look each time. The only mystery for us was which hiding spot would our respective baskets be hidden in that year.

Our baskets always contained that messy grass stuff, Cadbury Eggs, Robins Eggs, Peanut Butter Eggs, and a large bunny shaped chocolate figurine. Sometimes those bunny figurines lasted all year long as we broke off piece after piece of the bunny throughout the year. None of us wanted to ruin the bunny figurines.

Now that I’m all grown up things have changed a bit. We’ve adopted some of the traditions that my parents put in place, but in reality we haven’t really established Easter traditions for our family. Addie has gotten an Easter basket each year, but the contents of the basket varies from year to year. Casey doesn’t like the chocolate bunnies because they rarely get eaten. She also doesn’t like to hide real boiled eggs because of the food poisoning issues. I don’t like using the plastic eggs because, well, they’re plastic.

Life has also gotten in the way quite a bit. Our family hasn’t spent many of our Easters together. Easter always happened pretty close to law school finals and that meant Addie and Casey were usually in Utah while I was in Indiana. Casey’s also had to travel quite a bit since law school and that’s left me scrambling to put a happy Easter together for Addie all by myself.

Last year knowing that Casey and Vivi were going to be in Utah for Easter, I planned ahead and got everything Addie needed for an Easter basket two days before Easter. Because Casey was already gone by this time, I had to get all of the candy during my lunch break from work and wouldn’t be able to take the stuff home. I couldn’t shop for the candy at any other time, either, because Addie was going to be with me the rest of the time.

I bought the candy on my lunch break and stored it in my car. I had purchased an 18 inch chocolate bunny and that 18 inch chocolate bunny turned into a melted pile of goop in my car. Because I couldn’t get another chocolate bunny without Addie, that’s what she got in her basket that Easter.

This year will be my family’s first year together for Easter in a long time, and I’m looking forward to finally being able to establish some traditions that we can stick to each year.

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