Emotionally Sensitive: I Worry that Someday Someone Will Break Addie

Will Emotional Sensitivity Cause Addie to Become Broken?It is no secret that Addie is an emotionally sensitive girl. I grew up with three sisters and none of them were anywhere near as sensitive as Addie. That’s not a shot at my sisters, either. I just think Addie is very unique and is affected by bad things differently than most people.

Addie is always so willing to put others’ needs above her own selfish needs and I know some day that willingness is going to cause her a lot of pain. I worry that there will come a time when Addie opens her heart to another person and that person is going to betray her and she’ll come home broken.

The other night Addie decided to hide under our beanbag chair. She does this pretty regularly and eventually Vivi will wander over to the beanbag chair and sit on top of it not knowing Addie was there. Both Vivi and Addie think that whole scenario is hilarious. That night Addie hid under the beanbag chair and Vivi eventually wandered over to the beanbag chair and sat on it just as usual. Casey saw all of this happening and she grabbed Vivi and then tossed her onto the beanbag chair with Addie still underneath.

This is where a disclaimer is needed. We’re pretty rough in this house. It isn’t out of the norm to be walking towards the kitchen and to get beaned in the chest by a ball without any warning. Getting randomly picked up and tossed onto a couch or beanbag is also pretty common and both kids love these practices. They love that we don’t have the usual no balls in the house rule or the no roughhousing rule. So Casey throwing Vivi onto the beanbag chair wasn’t uncommon. What was uncommon was that we weren’t hearing anything from Addie. Usually that kid can’t keep quiet for more than a few seconds once her hiding spot is discovered. I pulled the beanbag off of Addie and there Addie was curled up in a ball with tears pouring down her face.

We asked Addie what was wrong and she cried that Vivi being tossed onto the beanbag with her underneath had hurt. We asked her why she didn’t get out or tell us it hurt and she just looked at us with a blank stare.

About 10 minutes later Addie came up to me and gave me a hug. I told her that she didn’t have to ever do anything that hurt her and that she never had to let anyone hurt her. Addie looked up at me with tears still running down her face and she said, “I couldn’t get out, Dad, because Vivi was having too much fun and if I got out she couldn’t have fun anymore.”

The kid was willing to sacrifice herself so that her little sister could continue to have fun. This is the kind of kid I have the blessing of raising. And while I love that I get to be a part of her life, it scares me that someday someone is going to take advantage of her willingness to put others’ needs ahead of her own and it will break her emotionally fragile heart.

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