Enough Is Enough: Doctors In Canada Call For An End To Spanking Children and I Agree.

An old-fashion beatdown.

There has been a law on the books in Canada for 120 years that says it’s legal for parents to spank their own children.

But that law may soon be history.

According to an article out today on Yahoo!, some of the country’s most influential doctors have issued a statement in the Canadian Medical Association Journal that calls for new legislation which would put an end to corporal punishment in the home.

Claiming that adults using physical punishment on their children is an “…anachronistic excuse for poor parenting,” the editor-in-chief of the journal, John Fletcher, points out a 20 year research project that concluded that moms and dads hitting their offspring does way more harm than good.

Not too long ago, I wrote a piece here at Babble that raised many of the very same questions that are addressed here by some of Canada’s most accomplished physicians. Chiefly, I asked, is it ever okay to hit a child when there is so much potentially wrong with it in the long run.

Some, it would seem, believe that parents should have the only say as to domestic corporal punishment. Yahoo! quotes a high-ranking Canadian government official’s response to the doctor’s rallying cry, and it’s kind of surprising, I think.

“”Parents are in the best position to raise their children.,” a spokesperson for Minister of Justice Rob Nicholson told the National Post newspaper. “We believe it is up to them, not the government, to decide what is best for their children so long as it is within reason.”

I mean, I do agree that parents should be free to raise their children in almost any way/shape/form they see fit, but c’mon. Do we really think we are going to be able to carry on this ancient bullshit forever? How are we honestly supposed to move forward as a planet, as human beings chasing a better world, if we are still slapping the asses of defenseless children because they are brats. Guess what? Kids are brats a lot.

So find a better way to deal with it.

Or don’t have kids.

And even if we did sire the kids, even if they are ours, so what? We aren’t allowed to make them drink their own pee. We can’t burn them with a hot coal. Last time I checked, most modern countries don’t permit parents to tie their kids to a tree and leave them outside overnight, right?

Hell no. That would be called ‘barbaric’ and the world would have a field day eating you alive.

But, what? It’s perfectly okay for a mommy or daddy to unleash a hellstorm of slaps and punches on a child?

It’s just so ridiculous especially in light of the fact that this medical journal’s findings come at the end of an extremely in-depth two decade examination in whichdoctors are now saying that physical punishment by parents against kids can lead to “…mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse/dependence, and personality disorders.”

It just seems pandering and horribly misguided for politicians to argue this one out with real live doctors who see the effects of abuse every single day.

But the world is a crazy place and far too many people want to hold on to the deeply archaic past, simply because they fear change for the better.

Before I go,one last thing.  Yahoo! points out that 30 nations worldwide, “including Austria, New Zealand, and Sweden” have outlawed corporal punishment.

What must those civilized people be thinking of us?


Info: Yahoo!, National Post


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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